August 16, 2019

Düzce Producer of Delicious Hazelnuts

Duzce Republic of Turkey

In the black sea region of Turkey lies a beautiful city of Düzce, enriched with natural beauty and charming ethnographically museums. With the touch of ancient civilization, Düzce has inspiring mosques, magnificent mausoleums and historical castles.

Çilimli – Karaköy Şeyh Müslihittin Tomb of Düzce

Düzce is a town of stunning natural beauty, wonderful museums and historical buildings. One of the most beautiful place is Karaköy Şeyh Müslihittin Tomb situated in Çilimli district of Düzce. Moreover, there are other famous tombs in the district of Sheikh Aliyyul Muslihiddin, Shepherd Dede and Yabali Hasan Dede.

Ahmet Dede Tomb

The Ahmet Dede tomb lies in Akçakoca district of Düzce. Particularly, it is within the boundaries of Göktepe village of Akcakoca. Moreover, the Tomb is a charming spot for tourism and there are old trees and river nearby as well for tourism. Furthermore, it is a place of recreation with centuries-old plane trees and a nearby river. Similarly, the historical Evliya Mosque and the Tomb of Evliya Ahmet Dede floods with visitors throughout the year.

Cumayeri tomb and Konuralp mosque

Düzce is a town of ancient inspiring mosques. The most inspiring mosque is Konuralp mosque in the Konuralp District, built in the 14th century. Beside the beauty of Konuralp mosque, the Konuralp Tomb, Karakoy tombs and Cumayeri counts among historical treasures found in Düzce.

Akçakoca Ceneviz Castle

Despite the stunning natural beauty, there are many ancient castles that attract international tourists. One of the most famous castle is Ceneviz Castle, located by the sea in Akçakoca. Furthermore, the history dates back t the time period of Byzantines, as the the castle was first used by Byzantium, then by Genoese and finally by Ottomans. Beside the historical significance of Ceneviz Castle, there are many historical buildings such as Ottoman mosques. Moreover the Karaköy Mausoleums is another important buildings located in the district of Çilimli of Düzce. Another ancient castle is Akçakoca Genoese Castle located in the west of Akcakoca district of Düzce. At the same time, the castle is built with rubble stones while has a high tower next to it.

Konuralp Museum in Düzce

Konuralp Museum, situated in the town known as Konuralp while the town is few km away from Düzce Province. The konuralp almost merges with Düzce city. The Konuralp has many historical buildings and tourist spots but the most famous is Konuralp museum. The museum has three exhibition halls, a laboratory, a conference room as well as rooms for administration.

On the other hand, there are 1788 archaeological items in the museum. The city of Konuralp is founded on the remains of  Prusias ad Hypium  of the antiquity. Similarly, most of the items of Museum are originally from Prusias Ad Hypium. There are many noble sculptures, coins, weapons and other 456 ethnographic items in the Konuralp Museum.

Famous Dishes of Düzce

The variety of delicious dishes and drinks are served in the local hotels and restaurants. The most delicious of the town include Circassian Chicken, Smoked Fish, Steamed, Anchovy Burrito, Lazy Wife Pasta, Baslama and Halalu. At the same time, the Stuffed Pancakes with Pancakes, Spoon Pasta, Hazelnut Pasta, Haddock Soup, corn in Kirem, Mamalika and Çırtata Baba Kaygana are famous dishes of the town. The Knee Bread soup, Pastry, Keşli Kaygana, mancare of vinegar Anchovies, Anchovy Salad, Cadi (corn bread), Kırtıl, if Mamer, Kaşmaka bread, Anchovy Rice and Egg Vegetable Kaygana are the most famous dishes among tourists. The food served at restaurants is fresh as well as delicious.

Delicious Hazelnuts of Düzce

Duzce is one of the most famous nuts city in the world. Moreover, there are other agricultural products of the city that are main factor of economy. Similarly, the production of Hazelnut is the agricultural development product of the city. In addition, livestock and trout facilities also add strength to the economy. Other common agricultural products of the city are Wheat, Corn, Beet and Tobacco.