September 6, 2019


Diyarbakir Turkey

However, it is the administrative capital of Diyarbakir province which is located on Tigris River. Economic livelihoods are agriculture, animal husbandry and industry. Summers are very hot, but winters are not too cold. It is possible to see something historical in almost every part of the city. There are still historical excavations and artifacts.


The region’s history dates to Assyrian rule where it was the capital of Aramean kingdom. Later, Roman Empire conquered this area and named it Amida, after the earlier name Amid. In the following centuries, it entered under the dominance of Byzantine Empire and then to Islamic rule. It was the leader of Arab Bakr tribe, Bakr bin Vail who conquered the city and named it Diyar Bakr meaning the country of Bakr, i.e. Arabs. Afterwards, the area became the capital of a large province under the rule of Ottoman Empire. It became the base of army troops who guarded the region against the Persian invasion. In 1925, the Turkish groups rose against the newly formed secular government of the Republic of Turkey but Turkish forces suppressed them.

Famous Dishes in Diyarbakir

Famous dishes of the city include Hilloric, Meftune, Stuffed Dolma, Nuriye Dessert, Habenisk, Veil with Rice, Kenger Meftunesi, Quince Kebab, Stuffed with Sour Meat, Garbage Kebab, Koru Juice, Meatball Lebeniye, Diyarbakir Style Stew, Chewing Gum Muffun, Yayla Soup, Babaganus, Nardanasi and Semolina Halva with Pistachio.

In addition, Kadkek, Kadayif, Serbizer, Punchik, Oruk, Nardanasi, Kibbeh, Diyarbakir Stuffed, Bismil Pan, Stuffed Mumbar Stuff, Diyarbakir Bostana, Anali Kizli Kofte, Cucumber Inspection, İçli Kofte, Apple Inspection, Stuffed Mumbar with Tomato Peppers and Kibe Mumbar also lie on the top cuisines. Moreover, tourists also look for these dishes in resturants; Winter Squash Inspection, Eggplant Arrangement, Broad Bean Inspection, Potato Kofte, Sumak Juice, Lamb Shish Sour Chicken, Lepik, Quince Roast, Rib Fillings, and Lebeni.

Agricultural Products

With watermelon and melon, there are about 7 varieties of watermelon and 34 varieties of grapes. A baby can fit comfortably into the naturally grown watermelons in the countryside. Other yields include Cucumber, Melon, Tomato, Eggplant, Pear, Pepper, Mulberry, Beans, Pomegranate, Pumpkin, Almond, Spring Onion, Walnut, and Grape. It also breeds large amount of sheep and goats which is exported to other neighboring countries.

Historical Places in Diyarbakir

The majestic historical places include Diyarbakir (Archeology) Museum, Diyarbakir Castle, Diyarbakir Ulu Mosque, Safa Mosque, Virgin Mary and Assyrian Ancient Church. Moreover, many other famous sites also include Ziya Gokalp Museum House, Tigris Bridge, Sheikh Mutahhar (Four Legged Minaret) Mosque, Mar Petyun Church and Hasan Pasha Inn. The tour of Diyarbakir is incomplete without visiting Yeni Han, Kale Mosque (Suleyman-Naziriye Mosque), Haburman Bridge, Gazi Mansion Museum House, Behram Pasha Mosque, Deliller Han, Cahit Sitki Taranci Museum House, Malabadi Bridge, Saint Georgi (Black Priest) Church, and Cifte Han.