July 16, 2019

Didim Having the Best Beach and Monuments

Didim is one of the prime destinations for holidays. You can easily reach there in a one hour drive from Aydın city. Usually, this place consists of the coast of intricate coves, golden beaches, and cultural heritage. In Didim, there is present the Temple of Apollo. It is among the well preserved and largest temples of the world.

As compared to the beautiful Altınkum, there are few amazing beaches on the Aegean coast. You can easily hop on the boat trip. Also, swimming is also famous greatly. The amazing wonders of nature and old cities are waiting for you. Didim is not a resort for summers where you are only attracted once. When the summer season is over, still the vibrant life of the city persists.  The ex-pat European communities are present in Didim, particularly the British. Also, there are many supermarkets and markets, the shopping centers have a lot of international activities around the year.

Ancient Didyma: Greatest Monument of Didim

The home to the most renowned oracles of ancient times was Ancient Didyma in Didim. It was the segment of the memorable city of Miletus. The Temple of Apollo was a place for the god of prophecy, music, arts, and sun. Then, it became the most valued oracles of the past. Also, the tourists came to visit this place and listened to cryptic omens.  

Altınkum: Best Beach of Aegean Sea

The best beach in Turkey, the Blue Flag Altınkum Beach is present only 10 minutes away from Didim. Usually, this beach is famous for the families who come to visit with their children as there are sandy, wide and long beach and sea are shallow here. The shore off Altınkum is best for water sports, canoeing, and windsurfing. You can see the large waves only in when the winter is at its peak. Behind the beach, there is present a waterfront of Altınkum town. There are multiple facilities of hotels, restaurants, as well as various things are present for entertainment. And, these services make the town a renowned resort.

Miletus: Centre of Arts, Culture, and Science

Miletus is located on the road between Soke and Didim. It is present near the Didim Balat village. In the past times, this city was popular for the production of philosophers. In the list of philosophers, there was Thale, who was famous as a precursor of the sciences and philosophy. Thales played an important role in the development of geometry, mathematics, astronomy, as well as natural sciences. For more updates, check out our website.