November 16, 2019

Denizli The City of Peculiar Roosters

Denizli The City of Peculiar Roosters

Denizli, Turkey’s most popular city is famous for its rooster and textile products. It is located in the southwest of Anatolia, southeast of the Aegean region, and serves as a gateway between the Mediterranean-Central Anatolia-Aegean regions. The climate of the city may vary year to year but usually it remains pleasant.


Dating back to the Calcholithic age (Copper Age), this was the site of a settlement of the earliest communities. The area has changed hands continuously in the past, becoming the center of various civilizations in Anatolia in different time period. In the Denizli region, after the Turks were seen in 1070, conquests and raids began. In 1097 Byzantium began to dominate the region. The Byzantines lost and regained the region many times and as a result, the border between Seljuks and Byzantines was accepted as Denizli.

The people of Denizli lived in peace, happiness and peace for years without entering wars. During the War of Independence, Greek forces approached Sarayköy in the northwest of Denizli but could not enter Denizli.


Although it has a slightly undulating terrain, the plains, plateaus and mountains complement each other and give us a beautiful view. It is above sea level and the most important river in the city is Büyük Menderes. Although located in the Aegean region, the climate varies slightly. In general, summers are hot and dry and winters are mild and rainy. As the mountains extend perpendicular to the sea, they are open to winds coming from the sea. The vegetation of Denizli is generally composed of forests (juniper, sycamore, ash, black pine, beech, oak) and maquis of Mediterranean climate. Due to its many wetlands, there is a special fauna, especially Acıgöl and Işıklı Lake. It is an important accommodation, shelter and feeding center for migratory birds.

Denizli, as we can say as the textile capital since the 1980s, has made a name for itself both in the domestic and foreign markets. Turkey’s economy is the most important door to the outside. Besides being an important center in bathrobe and towel production, it also covers some of the annual exports. 2. Turkey has a large marble basin. You can reach Denizli by air, land and rail. Denizli rooster is an interesting breed which became the symbol of the city today.

Famous Food of Denizli

Arabaşı Soup, Pepper Tatar, Black Eyed Peas, Shaped Vaccine, Keskek, Corn Goblet, Eggplant Closure, Eggplant Onion, Süller Pide, Tandır Kebab, Yen Pastry, Zafer Gazoz count among the famous cuisines of the city.

Common Agricultural Activities in Denizli

Common agricultural activities include Pear, Barley, Bâdem, Wheat, Apple, Poppy, Melon, Watermelon, Cherry, Corn, Pomegranate, Chickpea, Beet, Rice, Peach, Tobacco, Grape, Cherry and Olive.

Historical Places

One can visit, Akhan Caravanserai, Weeping Rock Waterfall, Colossae Antique City, Denizli Ufo Museum, South Waterfall, Isikli Lake, Kaklik Cave, Karahayit Hot Springs, Keloglan Cave, Laodicea Ancient City, Pamukkale Travertines, Saraykoy Hot Springs, Servergazi Tomb, Tabekoy Tekek, Tripolis Ancient City, Yesildere Waterfall while visiting Denizli.

Colossae is another ancient site located near Denizli city. It holds religious importance because St. Paul visited the city and wrote his Epistle to the Colossians.

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