July 16, 2019

Demre Patara Association with Saint Nicholas

Famous for Santa Claus

Demre Patara is a main part of Turkey. Usually, it is famous for Santa Claus, which is displayed by an old man. He wears white and red clothes and he carries different gifts to the kids. Basically, he was Saint Nicholas who lived to become a bishop, gained sainthood, and submerged in the place which is now considered the place for the borders of Turkey.

Saint Nicholas was born in the lands of Turkey. And, he is included in multiple childhood memories. He was born in Demre Patara. This city is present nearby to the Antalya province, Gelemis village.

After his education, Saint Nicholas turned into a bishop, in a Demre town, Myra. In addition, the church was built in the memory of Santa Claus where his grave is present.

While visiting Turkey, you can visit all the settlements to follow the footsteps of Saint Nicholas. Therefore, enjoy the historical heritage as well asnatural beauty these places are offering.

Patron Saint of Sailors, Children, and Poor

Saint Nicholas was a Lycian. He became the most famous saint in the world as his life was devoted to doing kindness to the people in need. He was the child of a rich family and he preferred to become a priest. Saint Nicholas loved to share his wealth with the needy people. He did this by giving gifts secretly to them. Yet, he was famous for offering help secretly to the poor through gifts. He delivered them through chimneys and windows. And, now his memory is a belief of the present in the form of Santa Claus.

Demre Patara: Birth Place

Although Demre Patara is the place where Saint Nicholas was a bishop. His grave and the church having his name are present there. The miracles of Saint Nicholas have taken place in Patara. Patara contains the ruins that are preserved well to gain your attention. This place was the capital city of the Lycian League.

The most famous places are various chapels, a temple, the colonnaded high street, the Triumphal Arch, the Light House, the restored Boule, and the Theatre.  

During your trip to Demre Patara, you have the chance to see the old ruins. You can enjoy the sea and sand on the beach. It is famous for being the nesting place of the sea turtles having long heads. These turtles are known as Caretta caretta. For more updates, check out our website.