July 15, 2019

Dalyan A Safe Home for Sea Turtles

Dalyan is named after a river, the Dalyan river. It is an amazing river town which is present right into the Mediterranean. This area has a cosmopolitan feel along with the residents worldwide.

The restaurants of seafood along the waterfront are the hotspot. But there is a nightlife present in the town along with the important strip of Dalyan. All the stores stay open till midnight. The couples can spend their time on late night stroll in order to do some shopping for something to eat and drink. There are many ice cream shops in Dalyan, locals selling their wares, and many more things. All this stuff makes this place a perfect location to stroll before you are going to have a nice sleep at night.

Ancient City of Dalyan: Kaunos

In Dalyan, the ancient city of Kaunos is present on the other side of Lake Köyceğiz. It is the best place if you are going to initiate to discover this region. This city was originated on the border between Caria and Lycia to different civilizations. But it was a center of art culture and trade. It was present on a hill about 152 meters above the sea level. You can see the views of King’s Tombs as you check out the city as one of the most iconic sights of Turkey. They date back to the 4th century B.C. Also, it was designed in the Lycian style, it featured facades similar to a temple. In addition, the remnants of the walls surround 3 kilometers. And, inside the city, you can see a temple, a bathhouse, a church, and an old theater.

Iztuzu Beach and Turtles

Dalyan is present on the edge of the canal. Also, it is what we can say a lagoon which constitutes most of the amazing canals, which lead to the best Iztuzu Beach. This beach has the shape of a crescent. The coastline of Iztuzu contains beautiful sea behind it as well as fresh water in front of it. Well! this coastline is 5.5 km long. Although, it is home to the Caretta Caretta sea turtles having long head almost 3 million years ago. Iztuzu Beach closes every evening because of the safety and protection of Caretta Caretta. Every year, a lot of turtles lay their eggs. Usually, the time of laying eggs is between the months of May and September. For more updates, check out our website.