June 24, 2019

Cunda (Alibey) Island in Turkey

Cunda (Alibey) Island Named once a hero of the Turkish War of Independence, Alibey Island (Alibey Adası), notable to locals as Cunda Island (Cunda Adası) or just Cunda, faces Ayvalık across the water. coupled to the land by a causeway (it area unit typically reached by automotive, ferry or dolmuș), It lies among the Edremit gulf on the Turkey’s northwestern coast, off the coast of Ayvalık in Balıkesir Province, Turkey, with a region of twenty 3 sq. kilometres (9 sq mi). it’s settled sixteen kilometres (10 miles) east of island, Greece.

History Cunda (Alibey) Island

For a short quantity (1921-1922), the island was the see of a Orthodox metropolitan bishop, whereas the classical mansion of the last metropolitan, Ambrosios, World Health Organization was dead by the Turkish army, still survives on the city district of the island’s centre. On New Style calendar month nineteen, 1922 several hundred of the Greek islanders were killed on Cunda, some children were spared and sent to orphanages. ulterior year, following the written agreement of metropolis and conjointly the population exchange between Balkan state and Turkey, the few remaining islanders were forced to depart for the Balkan state and were replaced by European Turks and Turks from the island.

Thinks To Do

Buildings: it’s a vibrant island with its Taksiyarhis Church, Ayisigi cloister, Ottoman Greek homes, Patrice Village, Melek Hill, Ortunc Bay, mole and boat construction workshops.

Tea Coffee : the foremost spirited area of the island is its coast. the town district is lined with restaurants, bars and cafes, yet because the gorgeous Tas Kahve, a high ceilinged space where the recent men of the village gather to sip Turkish tea to a lower place the nest of swallows preferring an internal home the the good outdoors. you’ll be able to vogue the delicious fish, seafood, native appetizers and starters cooked in oil.


Cunda Island is connected to Ayvalik resort city via a slim causeway. you’ll get there by bus, by boat or by walk eight kilometers before lunch or dinner. It is doable use the bridge, that is that the initial and presently the oldest extant bridge in Turkey that connects lands separated by a strait, however sailing on the peaceful silence of ocean feels higher. Book Hotel for you on Island visit our website.