June 22, 2019

Cumalikizik Sight in the Beautiful past

Our past is the reflection of who we are right now. It is like the experience we had while having different phases of evolution. History is a part of us and what better way to learn more about history than to visit historical places. There are thousands of places which can provide you the deep insight about the history of that place. Cumalikizik is one of those places for sure.

This gets better,

Cumalikazik is one of the oldest villages in the province of Bursa. Because it has been remarkably preserved over 700 years , It is also known as “living ottoman village”. It also contains an amazing mountain which provides an amazing view to the tourists. It also has a lot of places to visit and know the cultural heritage of Cumalikazik.

Attractions in Cumalikizik

This amazing place has loads and loads of tourist attractions which people love to visit. So we will take you through all the details you need to know about the places in Cumalikizik. These are the most mesmerizing tourist attractions which are crowded with people.

The Ottoman village

Cumalikizik consists of a living Ottoman village in it. It is finely preserved without a doubt. People all over the world come to visit this place to have a peak into the past. It has all the places like restaurants which serve as the dishes used to be served in the past.

Hanlar Bölgesi

The Hanlar Bölgesi is also one of the biggest tourist attraction of Cumalikizik. It is one of the most famous districts in Bursa where people come to visit the specks of the past. This is a place which brings the people closer to their heritage in real time.

Mount Uludağ

This grand mountain is like a Mysian Olympus of Cumalikizik. It is famous for its beautiful scenic spots and multitude of grandeur. It is a place where one can see the true colors of nature from a close range. People love to visit this place because of its amazing view.

Sight in the Beautiful Past of Cumalikizik

As it is perfectly clear that the Cumalikizik in Bursa is one of the most beautiful villages in the count. It is also a place where a great amount of historical heritage is stored in the Ottoman time frame. It is like having a lovely peak of the past in this modern era. This place is on the UNESCO’s Tentative List because of its amazing preservation of the heritage.

It is the best place for a person who wants to explore Bursa or want to have a peak in the past. People who have a keen interest in history or curious about the past of the place gets the best chance to do both.

So if you are planning to visit a place which is preserved in a proper manner and has an amazing class to it, then Cumalikizik is the perfect place for you.