July 17, 2019

Çorum Home of Ancient Civilizations


Çorum is a perfect famous spot for historical exploration and visiting archaeological sites. It lies as one of the most important area of Black Sea since it has the signs of the earliest civilizations all around Anatolia. In earlier ages, Çorum stood as capital of the Hittite civilization, named as Hattusa. Therefore, Çorum holds a special place for visitors sharing centuries old heritage with this place.

Famous Sites

Evidently, the discoveries made on this land go as far back as the Paleolithic ages. In later times, the district of Boğazkale in Çorum became one of the most important Hittite sites in Anatolia. The UNESCO World Heritage even listed Hattusa, the capital of the Hittite Empire (1700 BC to 1200 BC). Many famous Hittite sites include the open-air temples at Yazılıkaya and Alacahöyük, the royal tombs; and the excavations made at Boğazköy. Accordingly, Boğazkale National Park has most of the earliest Hittite excavation sites, between Yozgat and the city of Çorum itself.

Furthermore, the districts of Çorum holds a significant sum of castles, bridges and mosques from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods. In the localities of Osmancik and Sungurlu districts, you will see much more of the recent beautiful architectural works.

Seljuk Sultan, Alaattin III Keykubat built the 13th century Ulu Mosque which is one of the main examples.

Moreover, the 19th century clock tower in the center of Çorum capital is another attractive monument. While, Kale Mosque within Çorum Castle comes from the times of the Ottomans.

The Ottomons also built the Han Mosque located in the Çorum Gülabibey area. Built by Gülabibey of Çorum, it got repaired in 1579. Many of these magnificent monuments still captivates the visitors.

Independence in the Republic of Turkey

During the Turkish War of Independence, the government awarded 1510 Medals of Independence to the troops from this city. After the independence, the city officially joined the Republic of Turkey in 1923.

Famous Dishes of Çorum

Many of the culinary delights and traditional dishes of Çorum stands out from the rest of Turkey. One of its local specialty the famous leblebi, which are roasted chickpeas can be found anywhere around the city. Çorum’s famous roasted chickpea is made from black peas. It takes one and half months to make leblebi.

Like the famous chickpea delight, many other famous dishes are the Mayalı , (Saç Mayalısı, Tava Mayalısı) , Yanıç , Cızlak , Kömbe, Has Baklava e.t.c.

Districts of Çorum Province

About 14 districts are a part of Çorum Province, having a agricultural background at large. Like the small district of Uğurludağ, which is traditionally a place of healing. Sungurlu is the largest and wealthiest district of Çorum Province. It is also home to the clock tower, built in 1891.

Located on an important crossing of the River Kızılırmak on the ancient Silk Road, is the district of Osmancık. It is famous for its strong strategic value. İskilip is a district of Çorum Province of Turkey, on the left bank of the River Kızılırmak. The saline springs of İskilip have fascinated people since the earliest times. Other districts include Alaca, Bayat, Bogazkale, Dodurga, Kargi, Lacin, Mecitozu, Oguzlar (Karaoren) and Ortakoy.

Çorum has been a tourist attraction for its rural background and serene atmosphere. Furthermore, the addition of widely acknowledged historical sites has made it one of the most busy tourist grounds in Turkey.