April 29, 2020

Cicada 3301 Secret Rooms Quantum Encryption

3301 Secret Intelligence Room

Close that entryway, All the mysteries covered up inside GCHQ’s Room C3301 was incidentally uncovered. in 2007 . Apparently covered up , individuals just site called Room C3301 run by old resigned GCHQ confidants, after they had given a connect to my own Secret Bases site. Bizarre yet obvious. The “Room C3301” site is given to the previous GCHQ workers’ WJCAG club and conveys the pre-2002 variant of the authority GCHQ peak. The site’s primary page was known as The Hatch. This is a reasonable reference to exceptional ******** move windows in security entryways isolating remote administrator rooms from figure rooms – as found, for instance, in the celebrated Cold War spy station at Teufelsberg in West Berlin, Germany.

This spot had a lot of top mystery stuff like incinerator’s, paper shredders, awesome cutting edge 1 way lock screws, alter apparent seals on entryways, even Pressurized Pipes with Cables prompting the figure machines.

These are monomode fiber links, made sure about in pressure pipes. On the off chance that you wish to tap the fiber you have to open the channel which thus prompts a weight caution. C3301 room was situated under a somewhat immense white phallus.

Things like this was their “inspirational” things on the dividers “LEAD FOLLOW OR GET THE HELL OUT”

The technical support could be reached at 6666. In the event that you at any point needed to meet a NSA/INSCOM BOFH…

More things included inside:

Shadow Watch rooms

The rooms behind that entryway are somewhat wet and have raised roofs. It is possible that they have been retrofitted as PC rooms or the MP was running some observation gear here to keep up correspondence discipline.

Thick projectile verification glass entryway

The passageway from the principle experts/processing working to the pinnacle building. Thickness of entryways and glass is staggering, this was obviously intended to stop outfitted interlopers.

Cold Tower

Set of mechanical workbench puts, each with forced air outlet for the apparatuses. Clearly they made gadgets and reception apparatus there for R&D in the interference field. The Field Station Berlin won a few adornments for new techniques and discoveries, so these exercises were likely a significant piece of the work done here.

Tower arch

Recharged in 1999 to house an airspace control radar. The US left in 1992.

Airspace control

Radar of the german government in the pinnacle after the US troops left the Teufelsberg. This clarifies the new establishments performed on the highest point of the pinnacle just as the new radome

Figure room

********s could be given into the figure room . Note the “you can just glance through straight”- constuction. Straight onto the mix divider

Atmosphere control hardware chambers

Void bundling of Warp Core saves

JAMBALAYA and was clearly utilized for extraordinary research ventures. Signs are that a fortification is underneath the pinnacle, however we were unable to discover a passage up until this point. The floor of the pinnacle looks like moderately new concrete, so it is very well conceivable that the passageway to the shelter was for all time fixed when the NSA left.


One piece of the Databasing program utilized in Echelon was the UKC1000. It was a wiretap and message/fax/email catch office . It purportedly fuses an Echelon Dictionary PC framework up on the fourth Floor to check for “hot” catchphrases. The back vehicle entrance – imparted to the Ministry of Justice’s Clive House on Petty France – can be found around the bend on Vandon Street, nearby to British Transport Police’s (BTP) carport for crisis reaction vehicles. The “Administration Offices” at 6-8 Palmer Street, close Buckingham Palace in Central London, took care of between St. James’ Park tube station, a Starbucks Coffee Shop and the Adam and Eve bar.


The NSA Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg was one of the head listening posts of the virus war. Arranged on the most noteworthy rise in West Berlin – the Teufelsberg, the station had unhindered gathering of signs from all bearings. Also, saw from West Berlin, every which way was “East”. Arranged on a fake slope close to a series of lakes, the Teufelsberg appreciated astounding gathering in most radio groups that were in any case hard to get at significant distances. The NSA got so far as they continued looking for better gathering, that they delayed the activity of a flywheel that was inadvertently seen as an incredible resonator for certain radar establishments somewhere down in the east.

The station was arranged in the British division of West Berlin, so the US administrations were in fact a visitor there. Given the serious cooperation of the British and american insight offices, this was just a detail. The British military had one own structure on the slope and a high ****l framework reception apparatus tower (evacuated around 1992) for their assortment recieving wires. How the assortment and investigation endeavors were shared between the two working nations is at present not so much clear. Clear is the basic activity of assistant administrations like force, warming, sewer, eating office and so forth.. An intriguing distinction between the US and British complex on the slope is that the British had three unique sorts of toilets: women, ordinary men and officials. The US powers needed to live with simply the typical two can assortments.


The US procedure on the Teufelsberg has been overseen in the most recent long stretches of its reality by the US Army Intelligence and Security Command INSCOM. The NSA itself had investigators, specialists and etymologists dependent on the Teufelsberg, in various numbers after some time. Separations from different administrations, similar to the Air Force, were doled out to various missions, such as discovering approaches to undermine the air barrier powers of the East if there should be an occurrence of a hot war. The Field Station contained a wide range of ELINT and SIGINT gear, the greatest realized pieces were the 40 feet (12 meter) completely rotable down to underneath skyline dish recieving wires inside the radomes left and right of the primary pinnacle. The directional microwave interface arranges inside East Germany were likely recorded totally, as they all united in East Berlin and had impressive bar width and side projections and could accordingly be effectively caught with the sort of assets introduced on the Teufelsberg. New kinds of air guard radars could be investigated in detail just as satellite transmissions and radio interchanges caught and dissected. It is realized that the remote correspondence frameworks in West Berlin were additionally on tap, notwithstanding the checking of the wire based correspondence under Allied Law acted in different establishments like the one in Mariendorf. Gossip has it that even moderately little radio based room bugs introduced some place in Berlin, were receivable with the huge reception apparatus frameworks.

WJCAG 3301 Code

WJCAG One can just risk a theory at the old W and J Divisions of GCHQ’s Cryptanalysis Group, where J was accountable for SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) capture attempt and “W” was liable for definite conveyance of SIGINT “item” to “shopper”. The fundamental web-based interface initially welcomed you to type in the “mystery” code number (3301) of the Room, so as to get to the probably “private” WJCAG club individuals’ territory. In any case, inside only seconds, a straightforward Google search on “WJCAG” got me the individual “covered up” page that individuals were diverted to after entering the right passcode. How amusingly unexpected that deciphering the GCHQ code was so natural. Of course, the code was briskly changed a couple of days after the fact and the connection to my site was evacuated, however I’d just made a duplicate of the substance.

H Cryptanalysis – Code-Breaking. Still the most significant component inside the UKUSA Accord gives some 75% of Britain’s take for NSA. Works intimately with X Computer Services

X Computer administrations – Computers. Works the organization’s exceptionally evolved supercomputers

S Statistical Operations – Traffic Analysis. Source, goal, need, and recurrence.

J Special SIGINT – Interception – Formerly SovBloc blocks. Aggregates client reports.

K General SIGINT – Interception – ROW. Accumulates client reports. First areas work in Counter-Terrorism set up in mid-1980’s. K20 Special Unit screens Radical Groups or Individuals ‘inside’ Britain.

U Search Technology – LRTS Long Range Technical Search. Creating methods for ********.

W Communications Division – Delivery of SIGINT to definite customer.

Z Requirements and Liaison – Coordinates inclusion for residential clients including SIS, MI5, MOD, FCO, Treasury, Bank of England, DTI, Customs and Excise, MPSB and NCIS. Contact with NSA and other SIGINT accomplices

C Overseas staff,

E Personnel,

F Finance and Supply,

G Management and General,

M Mechanical building,

Q Technical

R Security

USMC-MOS codes:

3301 Programmer, Computer RCA

3301 Computer Operator RCA


Pine Gap army installation close to Alice Springs is a Joint Australian-U.S. office screens correspondences on four mainlands. It gives rocket barrier and cautioning and focusing for air and automaton strikes and uses 14 receiving wire secured by their broadly perceived golf ball-like randomises with Computer framework takes up 20,000sqm – the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Six dissidents avoided prison for sneaking in .


Numerous translations, yet the most generally acknowledged one is “Broadcast communications Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions”. It alludes to the measures that should be set up to counter the block attempt of electromagnetic radiation being transmitted from the ordinary mechanical assembly, for example, hard drives, printers, fax machines, PC screens, etc.

These emanations can be captured by undercover operators and used to keep an eye on an individual or association. For instance, the radiation fields encompassing an apparently harmless CRT show might be gotten by rebel agents, the signs demodulated and afterward, incredibly, the information that was initially shown on the PC screen can be sorted retreat once more.

Unquestionably, you think, partnerships and  ???

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