June 23, 2019

Bursa Province of Sheer Beauty

Cultural heritage is a window to look in the past of a place and understand it by all means. This amazing province goes by the name of Green Bursa because of its sheer beauty. Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire in the year 1326.

It is also called Green Bursa because of Yeşil Türbe (Green Mausoleum). This is the mausoleum of Mehmad 1, a king in the Ottoman Reign. Along with that it also has the unique persona of having the preserved cultural heritage. It connects the ties of today’s world with the Great Roman and Ottoman Empire.

Here’s the kicker,

Bursa comes with an interesting fact which makes it more valuable in the heritage of turkey. The fact is that Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. This place has a huge number of tourist attractions. All this compels the people to visit the province of Bursa when they want to have a taste of both luxury heritage combined. There is also a famous historical village in this place. Its name is the village of CUMALIKIZIK. This village is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. This village contains the history of years back to 5400 BC.

Tourist attractions in Bursa

There are hundreds of tourist attractions in the province of Bursa. Here are some of the famous hot spots which you can visit to make your visit in this place more amazing.

Mosques in Bursa

Bursa is a place which is filled with mosques of different types. There are hundreds of amazing mosques. The Yeşil Mosque, Emir Sultan Mosque, and Orhan Gazi Mosque (1339) are those mosques which many great sultans made in their reign.

Some of the mosques are also made in the remembrance of these great leaders. So when it comes to beauty and elegance mosques like Ulu Mosque and Yıldırım Beyazıt Mosque (1391) are one of the best examples. They are exceptional in every manner and worth a visit.

Museums Of Bursa

We all know that museums are the best place to take a quick peek in the history of the place. Well, Bursa has it all. Ottoman House Museum and the Ethnography Museum is the best choice for you to go when you visit Bursa. The history of this place dates back to the Ottoman and Roman Empires.

Famous Market places

Who doesn’t love shopping when they visit a new place. Koza Han (1490) is one of the oldest and best silk markets in Bursa. People love to go there. If you want to visit a little high-end place in Bursa then Cumhuriyet Square and Atatürk Avenue are the best choices for you.

Lovely tourist spots

Bursa is a province which has everything in it. You can visit İznik in Nicaea, and mudanya which have the best beaches to enjoy. You can also visit the Uludağ National Park where you can do a lot of stuff like hiking and enjoy your trip to Bursa.

Bursa’s Sheer Beauty

Bursa is the complete mixture of beauty and cultural heritage at the same place. It has modern cities and the state of the art buildings and hotels. Not only the places, but the cuisines are amazing too. You can enjoy different types of food related to the traditions of this place. It will be a burst full of different tastes in a single type of cuisine.

You can have all the fun you want in Bursa because it is a place which got everything in one place. It even got a mountain of its own, named Uludağ. These kinds of places are famous for their winter sports because there is a lot of snow on the mountains in winter. Before leaving you can also enjoy the Famous Turkish shadow show. This show contains the famous Turkish character named Karagöz. Karagöz was a famous shadow puppet character in the theatre.

With all these amazing things, there is nothing more you can get visiting any place else. So hurry up pack the bags and come visit Bursa for a rich experience.