June 23, 2019

Burdur The City with Charismatic ruins

Burdur is one of the most famous cities in Turkey. This is because it has its own charisma which alleviates this place’s status from others. Budur has almost everything which you wish for when you visit a place. It has beautiful lakes like Burdur Lake and Lake Salda. These lakes are the symbol of beauty in every manner. They provide an acute sense of calm to the people to visit them. As this place was under Ottoman rule, its interior and exterior are filled with the Ottoman aesthetic.

It gets better,

There are some other places like Taşoda which is now known as the Ethnography Museum. It can be really fun to visit if you are fond of historical things which date back to 5400 BC. These museums will give you all the information about Mısırlılar and their ways of living. There are mansions from the 17th century in this place too. We can also not miss the Burdur Archaeological Museum if you want to have a keen understanding of historical heritage. Kocaoda commonly known as Çelikba is also a place which remains crowded with tourists.

Crowded Tourist Spots in Burdur

People who have a keen interest in the archaeological and historic places, definitely visit Burdur once in a lifetime. This place dates back to 5400 BC and contains most of the historical heritage from that time. Here are some of the famous spots to visit.

Hacılar Höyük

It is one of the landmark historical sites in the city of Burdur. It is a place which provides the insights of the early human settlements since the Roman and Byzantine era. This archeological site in turkey reveals lots about different civilizations in the past. Gölhisar (Cibyra) is also a site near it which gather few visitors because the remains are almost destroyed here.


This one of the best towns in Burdur because it has the most amazing services of hotels and restaurants. They provide the best rooms and cuisines which you expect on your trip. This is why it is always filled with tourists. This place is the biggest town in Burdur province. It was called Oğuzhan until its name changed on 30 May 1926.

İncirdere (Dereköy)

As we all know that Burdur is known as the city of lakes. This provides this place a charismatic effect on the visitors. It has amazing wetlands which you can visit and have different kinds of experience during the trip. People who visit these lakes love to have a swim in it.

The charisma of Burdur

Burdur is a complete package for all the people in the world to visit. It has everything in one place. You can enjoy the marvelous sights and landscapes. Calm your mood at the beautiful beaches or spectacular hills like Susamlık Hill. You can also add a little mystery to your adventure by visiting the İnsuyu Cave at that hill.

It is like a chance of a lifetime. You can have a deep look into the past of this place visiting Sagalassos which is almost 7 km of Ağlasun. It is from the Roman Time. It is truly a place where one can enjoy the historical heritage in a grand manner. You can also visit the İncirhan Caravanserai and Kremna (Çamlık). They are also a historic landmark in the heritage of Burdur.

So if you plan to visit some place to explore new things there then Burdur can be the best option for you.