June 24, 2019

Bolu Charm of Nature

Everyone in this whole wide world loves to have a little time alone with nature. It provides then a great feeling for themselves. This becomes a time when they can clear their heads from all the worries and anxieties and live life to their fullest. What a place would better for clearing the mind then Bolu which is truly a charm of nature.

It is the land of monumental trees, bubbling waterfalls, hiking trails, picnic areas all in one place. It provides a sense of calmness and serenity to the soul of the human being. Bolu is a place which gives a person the reason to explore not only the nature but to explore himself to. It becomes a chance of reinvention both physically and mentally. You can even get the change to get spiritually healed from the inside as you spend time with nature.

Want to know the best part?

This place is like a piece of heaven on Earth. The beauty of rich green trees and the healthy atmosphere just lifts you up. It not only alleviates the mood but gives you a chance to appreciate the beauty of nature. Bolu has it all, you name it and it has it. From rich green landscapes to beautiful water beds and lakes, it has everything to make it perfect.

Places to Visit in Bolu

Bolu is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey. This is the main reason why so much of the places in Bolu stay crowded with people. Along with its sheer beauty, it also has a list of amazing restaurants and hotels in every area. People love each one of it.

Kartalkaya Ski Centre

It is one of the most fun places which a person can visit while he is in Bolu. This provides the chance to ski in a place where you can get the best Alpine skiing experience. This place is amazing and you can have a great time here. Kartalkaya Ski Centre can be the perfect recreational place which you can visit in Bolu.

Bolu Archaeology and Ethnography Museum

Bolu is the best place for the persons who want to explore the cultural heritage of this place. The Bolu Archaeology and Ethnography Museum has a lot of artifacts which dates back to hundreds of years. It is like the best place for a history lover or a seeker of knowledge.

Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) National Park

When we talk about the beauty of Bolu, we can never miss Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) National Park. It is a pure vision of nature in its true form. The scenic view of the beautiful lakes in this park with the greenery gives you a sense of relief you need.


Abant is a place in Bolu which is a lovely alpine surrounding. It is situated at an altitude of 1500 meters and 34 km southwest of the city center. This place is really close to nature. It is filled with greenery and Lake Abant is the Gem of this place. It is a place where people can perform loads of activities like Camping, hiking, fishing and can also enjoy a beautiful picnic.

Mengen is also an exotic place in Bolu. It is famous for its angelic taste and great cooks. This place also holds a competition of the chefs in the annual Chefs’ festival. It is held in the month of August. It has all the dishes which are special in the Turkish tradition. There is also a famous school in this county which helps the chefs to excel in the culinary arts and learn how to make every type of cuisines.

Bolu – A Place Of Natural Divinity

People all over the world visit Bolu and it is crowded with tourists every time. The enjoy the cultural heritage of this place linked greatly to the Ottoman Empire. There is also a mystery of ‘Solaklar‘ which were referred to be the left-handed military men in the Ottoman army. Every place here has its own mojo which makes it more delightful. These archeological sites also provide a lot of information about muslar too.

Places like this give people a chance to reinvent themselves. So if you are planning on having a tour to a place like this then Bolu is the perfect choice for you. It is a place of one of its kind which is worth visiting.