August 7, 2019

Bitlis A place of Deeper Insight


Travelling is to explore all parts of this world and most importantly to explore the world that lies within us. Bitlis is beautiful city located to the west of Lake Van and to the Eastern Anatolia Region. The city enriches beautiful valleys that represent the historical structures and ancient civilizations.

History of Bitlis

Bitlis was known as Bedlis in ancient times. It is the oldest name of the city. Initially, Urartians dominated the city in 400s, and later Assyrians and Medes reigned over the city. During 4 th century BC, the city came under the rule of Alexander the Great. Moreover, in 2nd century AD the city came under rule of later captured by the Eastern Roman Emperor Trayan. Similarly, Bitlis has been home to many civilizations throughout history and has long been under the control of Seljuk State.

Nemrut Crater Lake

Bitlis is a historical city enriched with stunning natural beauty. In the district Tatvan, near the summit of Mount Nemrut lies a beautiful lake known as Nemrut Crater lake. This lake is the biggest lake of Turkey that formed after volcanic eruptions. Moreover, Crater Lake Nemrut is the second biggest Crater Lake all over the world. Furthermore, the scenery when the vapor chimneys in the crater provides breath-taking scene.

Also, after eruption the lava accumulates near mount Nermut. The accumulation than divides into hot and cold lakes in the crater of Mount Nemrut. One is known as blue lake for its blue waters and other is caked hot spring for its greener water. Moreover, it is believed that this water cure many illnesses.

After volcanic eruptions, the frozen lava turns into black glass stones. They look like crystals and shines bright when sun reflects. Therefore, Crater Lake Nemrut gives a breath taking view which you cannot find anywhere else.


Ahlat is the most famous district of Bitlis. This is a city that witnessed the history of Seljuk, the Urartu era and the medieval ages. The city beholds astonishing tombs that are famous for their dimensions, design and heights. Although the history of city dates back to Urartu era but the tombstones reflects more of medieval age. Also, historians believe that the tombs of 13th century particularly reflect Seljuk era. The graveyard is one of the reasons that Ahlat is popular worldwide. As these graveyards are not ordinary, they have their history and set over sprawling and grassy landscape. Moreover, Ahlat is famous for tourist due to Ahlat Cemetery, Ahlat Museum and Ahlat Beach Castle.

Emir Bayındır Cupola

Emir Bayındır Cupola is located near Meydanlık Cemetery. Built in 1481, the magnificent mosque is named after Emir Bayındır, the son of Rüstem Bey. Moreover, the cupola consists cuts of Ahlat stone. The Emir Bayindir Mosque is famous for its beauty. At the same time, the Master Shagirt Cupola is another popular Cupola of Bitlis.

Inspiring Mosques in Bitlis

Like many other cities of Turkey, Bitlis constitute many ancient and beautiful mosques. The mosques represent the awe-inspiring Muslim architecture. Most famous mosques of the city are Ulu Mosque of 12 century and Ottoman Serefiye Mosque made up of dark stones. Other famous mosques are the Seljuk Gökmeydanı Mosque  Islahiye Madrasah, Kureysi Mosque, Sultaniye Mosque, Serefiye Mosque and Complex, Sheikh Hasan Mosque and Historical Hizan Mosque.

Must-see Sights in Bitlis

The lively city of Bitlis is rich in hsisotry, natural beauty and tourist spots. The popular places such as Bitlis Castle, Bitlis Grand Mosque, El Aman Inn, Rahva Caravanserai, Suphan Mountain, and Sheikh Babo (Uryan Baba) Mausoleum Bitlis holds great significance for tourism. On the other hand, Bitlis in eastern Anatolia is the city’s most mountainous region and Turkey’s second largest mountain. The most famous mountains are Suphan Mountain.

Delicious Drinks and Foods

Enriched with natural beauty and Ancient building, Bitlis is also famous for its delicious food. The most delicious foods of the town are Adilcevaz Walnut, Ayran Vaccine, Bitlis Honey, Bitlis Karakovan Honey, Buryan Kebab, Liver Tapir and Cires Beet. Other famous foods include Çorti Vaccine, Çorti Meatballs, Etli Keşkek, Gari Vaccine, Gebol, Glorik, Halim Vaccine and İçli Köfte. Tourists also love the taste of famous dishes such as itlis Meatball, Egg Meat, Egg Stuffed Stuffed, Keledoş, Kengerli Pilaf, Keskek, Dried Salted Fish, Shekalok Dinner, Tutmanç Vaccine and Leaf Wrap.

On the other hand, the regions are both mountainous and plain. Moreover there are several fertile lands in Bitlis. The most famous agriculture products of Bitlis are pistachio, pear, barley, wheat, walnut, rye, millet, mulberry, apple, bean, cherry and licorice.