September 9, 2019


Bingol Turkey

Bingol, a city in the East of Turkey which lies in the upper part of Euphrates Eastern Anatolia. Its oldest known name is Celvik. Glaciers, lakes and mountains surround this city. This is what makes it a popular tourist destination. Bingöl is also famous due to its folk dances. It has a continental climate with July and August being the hottest and December and February the wettest months. Since the land here mainly constitutes mountainous region, it receives harsh earthquakes.

History of Bingöl

Its name has been changes over the years as different empires ruled the region. During Byzantine Empire, the city was named Romanoupolis after the name of Byzantine emperor Roman 1 Lekapenos. Subsequently, Muslims conquered it under the leadership of Khalid bin Walid. Until the middle of the 20th century, the city was famous for the name of Çapakçur/Çabakçur, according to its Armenian name of Chapaghjur (“rough waters”).

The place later got a Turkish name Bingol meaning “thousand lakes”. It has a very mountainous and rugged terrain. To the south is the Young Mountains, a branch of the Southeastern Taurus Mountains, and Bingöl Mountain to the north. Bingöl Mountain is a volcanic mountain that contains thousands of glacial lakes and is not only a mountain but also a water reservoir of the region. Although Bingöl is built on a large plain, it does not have much plain.

Famous Dishes

Bingöl also holds a great importance due to its famous cuisine. These include Buttermilk vaccine, Buttermilk Soup, Bulgurlu Dry Stuffed, Buried, Stuffed Ribs, Kadayif Dessert, Flushes, Persimmon, Keldoş, Lamb Kalek, Löl, Patile, Glaze Pel, Sorina Pel, Juicy Hedik, Holding Soup, and Yoghurt Chloric.

Agricultural Products of Bingöl

The land’s agriculture is mainly based on livestock and forestry. Since it has a mountainous and rugged structure, it has the most developed animal husbandry but unfortunately, has no industries. Bingol produces pear, barley, legumes, wheat, walnut, rye, millet, apple, bean, watermelon, melon, sugar beet, and grape. Honey produced in Bingöl counts as the most delicious production of the city.

Lake Aksakal

Bingol is home to various glacial lakes. For instance, Lake Aksakal is famous for containing small floating islands which are aquatic plants that float above the waters of the lake. The formation is a registered natural monument of the country. The lake has fresh water and is situated on a flat terrain with hills and mountains on three sides. The freely moving floating islands are three which can move slowly like a raft in any direction by just stepping on one side of an island.

Historical Places

While visitng Bingol, do not miss the sunrise on Castle Hills. Moreover, historical places of the city include Bal Kaymak Houses, Buban Chimneys, Cir Waterfall, Kala Hill (Sunrise), Kigi Castle, King Kizi Castle, Kos Thermal Baths, Sebeterias Castle, Sülbüs Mountain, Vank Church, and Zağ Cave.

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