September 28, 2019

Best Beaches in Turkey

Turkey is the most admirable place to plan a summer vacation. A family trip to someplace where you can enjoy the utter beauty along the welcoming aspect. Turkey is the answer to all your vacation desires. Beautiful beaches, best food, and sheer beauty is just the tip of the iceberg.

Turkey always has been the most-visited tourist spot because of the well-known beaches. Such as Alanya, Kas, Marmaris, Fethiye,Bodrum,Kemer and many more.

Patara Beach

Patara Beach is near the city of Patara in Turkey. It is Turkey’s longest shoreline, with 18km of wide, clearing brilliant sand. This 12-mile long beach is also a National Park. This gorgeous beach leads to the ancient city of Patara. A large number of tourists visit the beach nationally and internationally.

Loggerhead Ocean turtles home here, so pay special mind to them on the off chance that you visit. It’s an incredible spot to roam around when you’ve had enough of sunbathing. There is only one café near the end of the path to the beach, it also rents out sunbeds and umbrellas.

This beach has a lot to offer such as birds to watch, canoeing and rafting, scuba diving and horse riding. Plus absurd local markets, mountain villages, and ancient sites are worth a visit.

Marmaris Beach

Marmaris is a delightful shoreline resort in Southwest Turkey. Around 8km a long way from Marmaris, the region is a huge draw. It’s a twisted stretch of shoreline with clear water.

Different shops enable you to spend the day and give you the best understanding. Its nightlife is quite occupied. Pebbly shoreline with long seafront walk side is what makes it exceptional.

Guests can browse a bunch of activities in Marmaris, both ashore and ocean. The occasions in Marmaris can be as dynamic as you can imagine. The shorelines give water sports exercises. As the near to a water park which gives a reasonable diversion to all ages.

Kas beach Beach

Kaş is an Oceanside town on the Mediterranean coast in southwestern Turkey. The town center has whitewashed houses and structures solicited.

You can invest a long time here without getting exhausted. There is a great deal to see and do in Kaş and around. Somewhere between Kas and Kalkan, there is an alluring beach is located at a point where an extremely narrow valley towered by steep cliffs and forests joins the seashore in the cove of the same name as the beach (Kaputaş). Due to its charming view, it is quite popular among tourists.

The admirers of Antalya prefer to spend one or two days before leaving the area either in Kaş or Kalkan hotels. So they can have their summer holiday lying down on the sandy beaches. And sometimes spend their time swimming in the clear water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Kemer Beach

Kemer is an Oceanside retreat on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast. Some part of the Turkish Riviera, it’s known for its rocky shorelines.

As for beaches in Kemer; you may find a variety of beautiful blue flagged golden beaches in and around. Variety of water sports activities in Kemer i.e jet-skiing and scuba diving makes it a worthy place to visit.

Goynuk Canyon in Kemer is one of the well-known sights in Kemer. Canyoning is an extraordinary fascination for nature in Kemer.


Alanya is a town on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The Mediterranean climate and natural attractions make Alanya a popular destination for tourism.

On the southwest coast, this medieval town offers two Blue Flag shorelines.

Kleopatra Beach is the most conspicuous on the western side. The length of sandy shoreline offers significant waters, watersports. With side-walk wealthy in bars and hotels.

If you need to visit one spot outside Alanya, without needing to go through all the day in the transport. At that point, Aspendos is an extraordinary decision. The feature is clear: Turkish best-safeguarded antiquated amphitheater.


A town on the Dalyan River, inland from Turkey’s southwest coast. It has more to it than only being a beauty spot.

İztuzu Beach spreads about 4.5km near Dalyan. It offers superb waterfront restaurants. Along with an overlook to Cliffside tombs. It serves as a natural barrier between the delta of Dalyan River and the Mediterranean. It is also known as ‘Turtle Beach’ since it is one of the main breeding places for loggerhead sea turtles. The beach was assigned protected status in 1988 due to the danger of extinction of loggerhead sea turtles. This issue was given prime importance in Turkey’s environmental agenda.

Other activities in the Dalyan area include a visit to the ruins of the ancient trading town of Kaunos. An incredible lively market adds up to the beauty as well. As well as enjoying the Sultaniye hot springs and mud baths, swimming in Koycegiz Lake.


It a small neighborhood and beach resort in the Fethiye district of Muğla Province, on the Turquoise Coast of southwestern Turkey. Ölüdeniz is located at the conjunction point of Aegean and Mediterranean seas. It is mostly a pebble beach with white sand and turquoise water which makes it absolute heaven on earth. Moreover, the place is also famous for paragliding internationally as it has quite a favorable atmosphere for the activity.

Ölüdeniz means the Dead Sea, due to its calm waters even during storms. It is a small beach resort in the Fethiye, at the conjunction point of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

The Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz is presumably one of Turkey’s most shot shorelines. Around 13km from Fethiye, there is a calm picturesque shoreline resort. Oludeniz town offers a lot of laid back shops, bars, and cafés.

The Fethiye area in Turkey is one of the loveliest places you could visit. It has the ideal mix of history, nature, and experience for an unwinding yet energizing break. That implies you can tailor your outing to your very own movement.

Apart from all the sites I mentioned. There are some other places worth seeing such as Lara Beach and Altinkum Beach. So next time whenever you plan a trip make sure to visit these places to have a brilliant experience.

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