August 20, 2019


Bayburt Republic of Turkey

Bayburt, an important center on the ancient Silk Road, is the provincial capital of Bayburt province. This magnificent piece of land lies in the northeast Turkey, lying on the Çoruh River.

Historical name of Bayburt

The oldest known name of city is Bayberd and Paypert. Along with this information we get to know from history that the name of the town was formerly written in English as Baiburt, usually known as Paipert under the Byzantines. Moreover, the name derives from the medieval Armenian Baybert.

This land of green marks was visited by famous explorers, Marco Polo and Elviya Çelebi. During his visit to Mongolia, Polo found out that the city enriches silver mines. After the discovery of these mines in the region, the city got famous as Darul Celel, which means isi the winner of eight paradise lar.

History of the development of Bayburt Fortress

Bayburt and its environs, known as one of the first settlements of Turkmens in Anatolia. During the reign of Tugrul shah and his son Cihan shah, the reconstruction of Bayburt fortress occurred which contributed to the development of Bayburt. All of these developments occurred between 1020 and 1230.

From 1243 to 1266, Bayburt was under brief control of the Georgian Princes of Santskhe. A Christian church within the Bayburt castle was built in the 13th century under the Trapezuntine or Georgian influence. Under Ottoman rule, the town was center of the Bayburt Sanjak in Erzurum Eyalet. After the devastation of Erzurum in early 16 th century, Bayburt seved for a tme as the de facto capital of the province. With the passage of time, Safavids raided the area in 1553. Furthermore, many British and Russian invasions increased population of the city. It grew further to some 6000 people y 1870. However, the Bazaar, remained poor and the town lond lacked industry. Prior to the First World War, the population of 10,000 was mostly Turkish with some Armenians.

Famous sights of Bayburt

This charming city consists of mosques, Turkish baths, tombs, several historical sites such as Çatalcesme Underground Complex and some natural wonders like the Sirakayalar Waterfall in the other parts of the province.

Some of its parks such as are ”Aslan dağı Ormanı ” (Lion Mount Forest ) “Gençlik Parkı” (Youth Park), “Şehit Nusret Bahçesi” (Martyr Nusret Gardens) and “Yenişehir Parkı” (New City Park) famous all over the country for their beautiful and breathtaking views. Moreover, the city coveres 528.780 meter square of nursery areas, which contains young plants for the forest of Bayburt. The one who is keen observer of natural beauty and feels beautiful sensation amongst the natural wonders can surely enjoy the visit to Bayburt’s historical caves. Most famous of them are ” Çimağıl Mağarası ” and “Helva Köyü Buz Mağarası”.

Aydintepe Underground City

The magnificent area of land, consisting rock-cut galleries, vaulted rooms and wider spaces excavated out of natural rock, located 45km from Bayburt. This city is famous for its Baksi Museum near Black Sea. This unusual Museum offers contemporary art and traditional handicrafts side by side under one roof.

Famous Food of Bayburt

Along with wonderful sights and historical places, Bayburt is blessed with the food enriched in flavor. Some of its famous dishes include Sour Cabbage Meal, Galacoş Meal, Herse Meal, Black Beet Meal, Cut Soup, Stuffed Curd, Milk Dumpling, Sweet Soup, Wire Halva, Liar Stuffed. Water Dumpling made in this city is highly contemporary.


The economy of this provincial city is generally based on agriculture and animal husbandry. The most important agricultural lands of the province are Aydıntepe and Sünür (Çayıryolu) plains. The rugged structure of the land plays a major role in the development of animal husbandry. Common agriculture activity includes Barley, Wheat, Vetch, Lentil, Potato and sugar beet.