August 18, 2019


Batman Turkey

Batman is the beautiful city in the Southeastern Anatolian Region, located in Turkey. The region is famous for its historic wonders and natural richness. Batman is a city today but 60 years ago, it was a little village possessing few thousands people. Apart from the natural spirit and beauty engenders by rivers too, you might be wandering that the city got its name after the DC superhero. Absolutely not, but it was named after the ‘Batman River’which joins the Tigris ultimately. Batman ornaments the glorious Taurus Mountains. The mountain range gives the landscape incomparable beauty. The Malabadi Bridge is an striking structure above the river in Batman.

Place Famous For

In this city, there is no such industrialization rather, it promotes business opportunities in oil refineries. Apart from this commodity, Batman produces beverages, transport equipment, footwear, processed food, machinery and different chemicals. Likewise, the city take part in agriculture side and grow Wheat, grape, Barley, Legume, Tabacco, Cotton and Grain.

Particularly in Food

A person must try Hevra (Stone Bread), Stuffed Ribs, Buttermilk Soup and Cury Rice. They are beyond delicious dishes. Moreover, you can find Bread, Batman Style Bulk (Kofte), Tandoor Bread, Buryan and the Salads.

Local Restaurants in Batman

Petrol Cafe

A beautiful and chic place set among green gardens. Its open for all 3 meals of a day; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Alongside the menu, a new signature fish dish is introduced every Monday. With that cakes, sweets and pastries including homemade baklava and cookies are being served. Fresh fruits after the dinner are also served as well.

Kent Cafe

A common Batman spot, which serves both range of Turkish and International fare. It is perfectly decorated in a garden decked out with comfortable sofas. It serves you with appealing dishes of Turkey like menemen (a popular Turkish omelet recipe) or traditional Turkish fish dishes and meat, containing grilled chicken, Adana kebabs and sea bass. Otherwise, one can choose to eat common dishes like pizza or burgers.

Labor Women

It is located in the center of the Batman city. This will give you a new environment then any other cafes around. Since working women in need runs the cafe, they work in order to protect their rights. The food is inexpensive and work 24 hours. They serve brain soup and mainly meat based meals. Not just these there are many more restaurants too.

Historical Places in Batman

Evidently, Batman is a city with attractive mountains and sceneries. With that the historical places are more like state-of-the-art. Hizir Bey Mosque, Memikan Bridge, Beksi Castle and Mor Aho Monastery are the most worth visiting places. The city may devour places like Bozikan Castle. Seyyid Bilal Tomb, Hasankeyf Cave, Imam Abdullah Pavilion.

Things to DO in Batman City

The most common activity that people often do while exploring the city. Moreover, they just hunt a “Batman” sign beside the highway, which usually leads into the city and pose for the picture. As to indicate that which city they visited, through the picture.

As the city Batman is near to Iraqi border. There is an exposure to a new culture and new people, which gain the interest of large amount of people. Most of the population is of Kurdish people, so it can be a great opportunity to learn about Kurdish culture.