August 27, 2019


Bartin Turkey

Bartin lies in the northern side of Turkey and is the central district of province of Bartin. Previously, it was a district of the Zonguldak province; however, it took the status of a separate province in 1991. It is named after the river Bartin flowing besides this city. Economy of resident of this city is mainly based on maritime industry. It has oceanic climate with cool summers with high and evenly distributed rainfall the year round. Bartin River is navigable for vessels between the city and the black Sea coast which makes the city’s economy largely based on maritime industry. This city manufacture ships, pulley, rope, black-smith and woodwork used in the maritime sector used at the forefront.

History of Bartin

The first ever settlement in this area was made by Gasgas tribe. In the following years, it came successively under the occupation of Hittites, Phrygians, Greeks, Persians and then, Roman and Byzantine Empires. It finally, entered under the dominance of Seljuks and subsequently under the Ottoman Empire.

Famous Cuisine

The city is home to following foods: Amasra Salad, Bitter Mushroom, Araka, Pumpkin Dumpling, Barbun Pan, Bartin Pancake, Bartin Dessert Pastry, White Baklava, Deli Boy Turban, Upholstered Beetroot, Wedding Halva, Meaty Corn Soup, Bean Roasting, Basil Pancake, Geli Wire, Crunch, Hiveska, Hiveska Abdipasa, Hiveska Ulus, Anchovy Pan, Dumpling, Soaking, Pumpkin Burmese, Kaha Dessert, Kalkan Pan, Halva, Dry Yufka, Dry Chicken, Minced Tarhana Soup, Bite, Stuffed Parsley, Parsley Stuff, Whiting Pan, PIM PIM Soup, Rice Dumpling, Pastry, Tarhana, sweet pie, chicken pie, Tiridi, Bakery spokes stuffed, yogurt Mancini’s, Egg İsput, Zarb until dessert, Bullshit, Fig ice cream, spokes, and Saban Meatballs.

Agricultural Products

Alongside industrialization, the region also renown with regards to its agricultural produce. Therefore, it produces Barley, sunflower, wheat, beans, vetch, corn, potatoes, onions, alfalfa, and oats.

Famous Tourists Spots in Bartin

There are numerous ancient city ruins located inside the borders of Bartin. The wooden Bartın houses display the architectural characteristics of the art movements after the Tanzimat Fermanı (Reforms Decree). Some magnificent historical sites include Amasra Edhem Aga Mansion, Amasra Women’s Market, Amasra Castle, Amasra Museum, Baris River Grave, Boztepe Dilek Tree, Degirmen Aga Bay, Direkli Kaya, Ebu Derda Mausoleum, Fatih Mosque, Gideros Bay, Golderesi Waterfall, Gurcuoluk Cave, Snow Well, Kemal Samancıoğlu Ethnography Museum, Kemere Bridge, Kuşkayası Road Monument, Small Church (Chapel), Historical Bath, Historical Attractive Bazaar, Rabbit Island, Tekkeönü (Kromna Castle), Ulukaya Waterfall, and City Bath.