June 24, 2019

Bartin Turkish Tropical Heaven

Who doesn’t like a relaxing and calm vacation to someplace exotic? The view of the cool beaches and the grains of sand under your feet can be really relaxing. The whole surrounding filled with the lush green environment can be really healthy for the tourists too. So if you want the best vacation of your life then the best place to go to is Bartin, a beautiful city of turkey.

Here is the kicker,

Bartin is a good choice you can make when you plan to visit a tropical place filled with the greenery and beautiful beaches in the proper proportion. The former name of Bartin was Parthenios. It was changed a long time ago. The warriors of Bartin took part in the Trojan Wars to help the Great City of Troy.

Hot Spots to Visit in Bartin

It is one of the most exotic places in Turkey. Which means you can have a long list of places to visit in Bartin. Most significantly:


This amazing town named Kurucaşile is famous for its spectacular boat construction crafts. It is one of the most beautiful places in Bartin which you can visit in your trip. Here you can go on a small trip of the Bartin River. This can be a great addition to your whole travel experience.


People who love to spend some time fishing and having a moment should definitely visit Çakraz. This is a fishing village with beautiful beaches which makes it a great fishing spot for the tourists.Therefore Çakraz also offers amazing restaurants which serve the most delicious sea food.We have to mention the drive between Cakras and Inebolu, as it offers amazing panoramic view from its steep mountainsides.


This place is considered to be one of the most beautiful counties in Bartin. The old name of this place was Sesamos which was really popular in ancient times. This place is famous for its historical aspect because Miletians founded it in the 6th century B.C along with the construction of its beautiful historic buildings like the Byzantine citadel and the Fatih mosque. People love to visit this place because of its historical importance.

Bartin From A Unique Perspective

This place is the perfect combination of the blues and greens which will soothe your senses in every manner. If you have visited these three tourist spots and want more then you can also visit İnkum. It is an amazing village which is developed into one of the best holiday places with sandy beaches.

So if you want to visit a lace with perfect beaches to enjoy yourself then Bartin is the perfect choice for you. This can be the best trip of your lifetime.