September 25, 2019


Balikesir Turkey

In northwestern Turkey there is located a beautiful city, Balıkesir. It is situated on rising ground above a fertile plain that drains to the Sea of Marmara.


It lies about where the ancient Roman town of Hadrianutherae lay. In the early 14th century, Balıkesir was an important town of the Turkmen  Karası emirate, which was soon absorbed into the Ottoman Empire. The old town and its bazaar, which occupy the upper slopes, contain numerous inns and mosques dating from the early Ottoman period. Below the old town are the modern administrative buildings, the railway station, a teacher-training school, and residential districts.

Famous Dishes of Balıkesir

Its main cusine includes, Balıkesir Kaymaklısı, Gönen Ravioli with Chicken, Balıkesir Tiriti, Avşa Cookie, Kazdağı Soup, Balıkesir Mantı, Tirit, Zucchini Flower Fries, Balıkesir Dessert, Mafiş Dessert, Keşkek, Shake, Garlic, Metez, Cowpea, Eggplant Dinner, Zerde Dessert, Hömer , Ayvalik Curd Cookie, Ayvalik Toast, Churning, Black Eyed Peas, Cream Dough, Dough Soup, Garlic Bulgur.

Agricultural Products in Balıkesir

Olive, Fig, Pear, Cotton, Grape, Apple, Quince, Beet, Sunflower, Rice, Wheat, Oats, Tobacco, Barley, Sesame, Corn are among its famous agricultural products.

Famous Historical Places

Zağnos Pasha Complex, Hamidiye Mosque, Şahinler Village Mosque, Yıldırım Mosque,KasımPaşa Mosque, Taksiyarhis Church, Saatli Mosque, Çınarlı Mosque, Haydar Çavuş Mosque, Kurşunlu Mosque, Aya Nikola (Taksiyarhis) Church, Leka Monastery, Upper Constructive Village Kirazlı Monastery, Moon Monastery, Ayazma Church, Daskyleion Ancient City, Kyzikos Ancient City, Prokonnessos Ancient City, Plakia Ancient City, Antandros Ancient City, Ancyra Ancient City, Thebe Ancient City, Hadrianeia Ancient City are among its famous sights.

Furthermore, the capital of Balıkesir province contains many historical buildings. The clocktower (built in 1892) is the symbol of the city. A historical fountain (built in 1908) is another popular building. The  Zaganos Pasha  Mosque Complex and Yildirim Mosque are popular spiritual areas. Many old Balıkesir houses in the Aygoren and Karaoglan district remain from the Ottoman period.

Balıkesir National Photography Museum is the only photography museum in Turkey. The Museum of National Moment exhibits historical memories of the city. Of course, Balıkesir famously owns its historic windmills.

Many spas with health promoting features surround the city, including Pamukcu and Ilica. The center of the city also contains the historical Turkish “Pasha Hamami” bath, which is still in use.


The economic base of the city is both agricultural and industrial. Moreover, Balıkesir city is also important for the stock breeding. Surrounding the city, are numerous dairies. The city is also an agricultural centre. Wheat, sunflowers, sugar beets, and other vegetables in front tomato and bean plantations have dence products. Traditional crops are melon and grapes. Balıkesir with its districts is the 12th largest economy in Turkish economy. Also, it is called Anatolian Tiger.

Furthermore, other main exports include olive-based products. It is also a popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists, who use it as a base to explore the nearly countryside which is renowned for its beauty, especially nearby Mount Ida (Kaz Dağı).

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