June 27, 2019

Balikesir Home of History and Nature

The historical backdrop of Balikesir depends on ancient events. Balikesir receives a huge number of tourists, regardless of how a visitor wants to unwind. He will almost discover a lesson here exactly as he would prefer.

Want to know more?

There are remains of urban communities of Roman and Greek. Developments for individuals who love sightseeing holidays. Here are the grand mountains of Kaz. The Kaz Dağı mountain begins from Çanakkale to Balıkesir, and it is called as a place that is known for legends.

It owes its prevalence to the stunning writer Homer, who made the Mount Ida region a known place in the world. It was on the mountains where the incredible ruler of Troy who might trigger the Trojan War. Which was surrendered in the wake of being imagined and was later picked to judge the loveliest of the Greek Goddesses, of which he picked Aphrodite? Today, the mountain range remains, as glorious as ever, with towns ignoring the Gulf of Edremit. Kaz mountains are considered as God’s gift.

Places to Visit in Balikesir

There are many exquisite and amazing places which you can visit in Balikesir. This is because they will give you a serene experience of nature’s true beauty.

Ancient Mosques

Yıldırım Mosque is a famous mosque of this city. Beyazıt I laid the founding stone of this mosque. It ranges between 1391 -1395 named after the same sultan and is one of the oldest mosques. The Zağnos Paşa Mosque is also an old mosque. The Grand Vizier of Mehmet work and built it in 1461. It was once part of an unimaginably intricate. Here is one more interesting thing that the Saat Kulesi (Clock Tower) built in 1827 by Mehmet Pasha is very like the Genoese Galata Tower. Moreover, Ancient Penderamus is now called as Bandirma. Which is now a business and industrial harbor second to Istanbul. You can spend a charming evening in the town’s eateries and bistros.

Saraylar Village

Marmara Island rose to noticeable quality in the Roman times and held its significance in the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Because of the marble quarries, which provided the stone for extreme magnificent structure programs. Moreover, Saraylar town Marble Beach gets its name the trademark marble that falsehoods simply off the water’s edge.

Alaçam Mountains

Alacam Mountains in the midst of wonderful woods in a local region known for the weaving of uncommon Turkish rugs and carpets. The floor covers of Yagcibedir are among the most prized and build up more dazzling with the time.  Around the Gulf of Edremit, likewise in Balikesir territory, are the absolute most excellent coastlines in the country.

Cunda Island

Cunda is a lovely Turkish island. A spot where the unending blue ocean covers the visitors as they do the island. Where the quiet green of pine and olive trees encloses the visitors. This place is definitely worth a visit.

Şeytan Sofrası and Sarimsakli

South of Ayvalik Şeytan Sofrası (Devil’s Dinner Table) is called Çanak Tepe. People rush to watch the sunset over terrific views of the bay. Sarimsakli is also a beautiful town in this place. The town’s name signifies “the place where there is garlic” in reference to the area’s impressive creation of the Alliaceae plant.


Altınkum is a town in western Turkey. It is on the Aegean Sea, close to the antiquated Temple of Apollo and the vestiges of the Ionian city of Didyma. It’s a resort with amazing facilities which make sure your vacation that bit more special. Moreover, With three seashores that have been granted the Blue Flag grant for brilliance. You can lie back and relax on a sun bed while the children can play on the golden sands.

Balikesir – Dream Destination

To conclude, This city is considered to be the home of national parks, and a strong historical background of the Ottoman Empire, lovely restaurants and bars and best summer holiday towns. If you’re making a plan for an outing and need it to be the best involvement of your lifetime at that point visit Balikesir in Turkey.