June 26, 2019

Balat and Fener Intersection Point of Religions

If you’re the kind of tourist who likes to get unusual and far from the hustle of crowds. You’d get lost in the serene mesmerizing beauty of Fener and Balat. The houses painted in a lot of tones, washing lines hung between structures, kids play in the streets. The hints of Jewish, Armenian, and Orthodox social order still stand.

You want to explore more about Fener and Balat?

These are two ancient villages located at the Haliç of Golden Horn in Istanbul. These towns reflect the harmony of three different religions and cultures that lived together in the Ottoman years. You can see the church in the beginning of the street and mosque at the end of the street. While synagogue is at the rear street.

Astounding Places to Visit in Balat and Fener

This place is one of the most amazing and ancient places in the world. Because the neighbourhood formed into three different religions and school of thoughts. Their way of life, morals and economic conditions moulded the design of structures, supplicating houses, boulevards, shopping, and their predetermination. When you are strolling through the avenues of Fener and Balat, you will discover that each structure has its very own story.

The Synagogues

Balat district was populated with the Jewish community in the Ottoman period. Thus, it had many historic and religious infrastructures for them to practice their faith. Sephardic Community’s synagogues stayed unblemished until 1940 when a tremendous amount of Jews chose to resettle in Israel. Well there’s still some Jews living in the area.

Two most important synagogues are located in Vodina street, the first one is Çana Synagogue. Ahrida Synagogue is likewise on a comparable street. It’s a standout amongst the most antiquated synagogues in the turkey. It’s constructed by the Jews relocated from Macedonia. Several renovations had made it keep its original architectural design throughout the century. These places are amazing to visit in Balat and Fener

Another splendid synagogue’s situated on Düriye Street. Yambol Synagogue was constructed in the 18th century by the Jews migrated from Bulgaria. It has splendid architecture. It went under many repairs after the fire in Balat, thus the structure today is not the original. Due to a decrease in the Jewish community today, it is only open for Shabbat services.

Or-Ahayim – Light of Life

The Or-Ahayim Jewish Hospital was established and worked in the most recent many years of the nineteenth century. Its development and unique blessing were financed by huge gifts from rich Istanbul Jewish families. As by masses of small coins into collection boxes by Istanbul’s unquestionably progressively various Jewish working poor.

A Shining Light of Balat And Ferner

The Hebrew name “Or-Ahayim” actually deciphers as “Light of Life” – and genuine light of life the hospital has been and stays to be for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike.

So if you are planning to visit someplace more enlightening then Balat and Fener can be the best choice for you. They have the best restaurants to stay too.