July 27, 2020

Ayvalik Vibrant Culture and Old Tradition of Turkey

Ayvalik is a place present in the Province of Balikesir of Turkey. This county is also the fastest growing destination for tourists,full of olive orchards and pine forests growing in the clean and fine region of Ayvalik. Additionally, the Island of Lesbos are present around the bay.

Places to Visit in Ayvalik

Ayvalik Archipelago

Surrounding the town, there is Ayvalik Archipelago, constituting 24 little islands. There are 1900 architectural structures within Ayvalik’s neighbourhood and islands of Archipelago surrended by sea. These are listed and protected by local authorities.

It is worth mentioning that Ayvalik is a paradise for divers with crystal clear waters and 60 diving spots around the islands full of coral reefs. Which the red coral can be seen from 34 of these.

On its northern border, Gömeç County exists. In the east, Bergama County of the İzmir Province is present.

The Ayvalik Houses

The natural beauty, as well as the historical city, makes the Ayvalik atmosphere unique. Multiple marine activities and fishing culture are considered the life of that region. The economy of the region usually depends on pressing of olive oil in addition to the olive cultivation.

What to See in Ayvalik?

Turkey Ayvalık

Mediterranean Culture

Usually, this culture involves the eternal feel of the city and home life. Mainly, the basic soul of Greece, Spain, and Italy are the architecture, relation between people and the sea, and the streets. In addition, the windows and doors of the home are high and wide enough.

The external and internal specs are set in accordance with linking with the sea. Usually, the shoreline is vertical to the streets. Generally speaking, the grids made by the streets are always running parallel to the shoreline. Also, they show the stability with the old cities of the country.

Sarımsak Stone

Another famous thing in Ayvalik is locally called Sarımsak Stone. Overall, it is the basic volcanic ruff stone. Furthermore, this stone is the basic feature of Ayvalik houses. It was used in the front façade decorations.

The place’s architecture is usually noticed for multiple items from the Corinthian as well as Ionic styles. In fact, the styles include bells, doorknobs, windows, wall panels, decorations, as well as columns.

What to Do Here?

Feel the Nature

Obviously, you can enjoy the beautiful nature at Ayvalik. All things considered, choose any of these activities to make the tour memorable:

  • Photo Safari
  • Jeep safari
  • Observation of plants
  • Watching birds
  • Trekking

Likewise, the Ayvalik beaches provide a lot of ways of enjoying a holiday of sand, sun, and sea. Sarımsaklı Beach is a famous beach too. Do you know? One thing that is well-known about this place is the sand here does not stick to your body. Of course, it seems amazing to anyone who visit this amazing place.

To sum up, there are a lot of beach bars, local cuisine, and coastal restaurants in Ayvalik. Additionally, they offer juices that often allow tourists to have a nice break from the sun and the sea. In short, check out our website for more destinations.

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