June 27, 2019

Aydin The City of Sculptures

Aydin is a city in and the seat of Aydın Province in Turkey’s Aegean Region. The city is at the core of the lower valley of Büyük Menderes River (old Meander River). At a telling position for the district reaching out from the uplands of the valley down to the seacoast. It is famous for its fertility and profitability since old times. Figs remain the territory’s best-known yield.

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According to Greek geographer and historian Strabo that Argives and Trallians were behind the establishment of Tralles. It is situated on the hillside above the modern Aydin. Alongside the rest of Lydia, the city tumbled to the Persian Empire.

Historical Background

After its prosperity against Athens in the Peloponnesian War. Sparta tried to take the city from the Persians, yet in 334 BC. Tralles gave up to Alexander the Great without opposition and thus he was not sacked. Alexander’s general Antigonus held the city from 313 to 301 BC. Later the Seleucids held the city until 190 BC when it tumbled to Pergamon. From 133 to 129 BC, the city upheld Aristonicus of Pergamon, a faker to the Pergamene position of royalty, against the Romans. After the Romans vanquished him, they repudiated the city’s entitlement to mint coins.

Tralles was a consensus for a period under the Roman Republic, Ephesus later took control over that position. The city was taken by radicals during the Mithridatic War. During which many Roman occupants were executed. Tralles experienced incredibly a quake in 26 BC. Augustus gave assets to its recreation after which the city expressed gratitude toward him by renaming itself Caesarea. According to the literature, Strabo depicts the city as a prosperous trade center.

Places Not To Miss In Aydin

When you visit Aydin, it will surely be a lovely experience. However, there are some places which you never want to miss. This city is probably the best remembrance of history as it has been here before the Byzantine era.

Home of Birds and Tuscan-Kuştur Beach

Along the coast or Kuşadası, Bird Island is a dazzling port worked along the shores of a sparkling bay. The terraced town disregards the most wonderful gulf of the Aegean and appears to have been made only for the enjoyment of visitors.

Tuscan-Kuştur Beach is on the north of Kuşadası. It is one of the cleanest shorelines, while 23km south of Kuşadası is the enchanting holiday resort, a town of Güzelçamlı. Tuscan-Kuştur Beach offers boundless fun with different activities including water-skiing, parasailing, surfing.

Kaleiçi – Antalya’s Old Town

Kaleiçi is the historic city center of Antalya. It has structures dating from the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and present-day Turkish republican times. Its vast majority, in any case, dates to the late eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years. The name Kaleiçi signifies “Inside the Kale” or “Inward Kale” (Kale itself means château or post).

The Dilek Peninsula National Park is also a famous spot of this place. It is a must visit place for those who love nature. So it is located on the west of Güzelçamlı and 30km from Kuşadası. Park is the natural reserve and heaven of many species of animals and birds.

Gu¨llu¨bahçe (Priene)

Around the tenth century B.C. the city of Panionion was the Ionian religious and political focus; it was most likely established via Carians. It was controlled by Lydians and Persians. The new city built in 350 B.C., was laid out on a network framework created by the architect Hippodamus of Miletus.

Moreover, The sanctuary of Athena was the most significant structure in the city. The designer Pythios of Halicarnassus gave the design of this structure. Priene’s theatre was worked in old style Hellenistic plan and could seat 5,000 observers. The Bouleterion (committee chamber) and Archaeological Museum deserve a visit too. The Temple of Apollo was a standout amongst vestige’s most holy places. But plundered and caught under fire, the haven still awes the guests with its rich magnificence.

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A twofold corridor colonnade surrounds the epic sanctuary. Not a long way from the archeological site, the wonderful beach of Altınkum entices visitors with its many guesthouses. Akbük is another occasion resort with pleasant beaches lodgings adjacent.  Set in the midst of pine, olive and oleander trees, the glorious Lake Çamiçi (Bafa) is an exquisite spot for a stop.

Aydin – Spectacular and Alive

The district of Aydin also pioneered the introduction of railroads into Turkey in the nineteenth century. Aydin is likewise where various internationally famous for historic sites. It also focuses on the travel industry. A lot of tourists come here to visit this place every year.

In conclusion, we would recommend you to visit this place. This is because it would be a lifetime experience for you to visit Aydin, Turkey as your favorite vacations spot.