June 27, 2019

Artvin The City of Colors

Artvin is the capital of the province, which is located in the black Sea region of Turkey. Close to the Georgian border, Artvin is situated on the hill overlooking the Coruh River, 64 km far from Hopa. Artvin has plenty of natural beauty and the whole climate is extremely enriching. It casts an enchanting feel on the visitors of Artvin. Which makes it perfect for people who like to climb and explore. You can explore the rich culture, thick timberlands, lakes, valleys, and rivers.

Want to know what you should not be missing in Artvin?

There are many things in Artvin which attract the mind and attention of the tourists. Here are some places to provide you the perfect example.

Kafkasör Festival and Çoruh River

This prominent celebration, held in the Kafkasör Yaylası field every year in July. This event features the dance and music, wrestling and, most broadly, boğa güreşleri (bloodless bull-wrestling). The Coruh River, on which Artvin stands, is perfect for white water rafting. Truth be told it is the waterway’s normal power that has cut a part of the region’s staggering valleys.

Kaçkar Mountains

During the Middle Ages, the Artvin territory went under the power of Georgia. Which makes it the best spot for visiting the remaining parts and settlements. Its splendidly grand lanes lead to the ruined places of churches and settlements. The best-protected of these are in Barhal and Işhan in the Kaçkar Mountains. Barhal additionally offers probably the best district horse riding. A couple of spots of churches in Bağbaşı, Çamlıyamaç are off the road to Erzurum. After the Tortum Waterfalls and the immaculate Lake Tortum.

Georgian heavenly places

Other Georgian heavenly places are close Yusufeli – Dörtkilise, Köprügören, and Tekkale. Yusufeli itself gives superb chances to nature-lovers like climbing at height of 4000m. Seventy-one km east of Artvin is Şavşat. A high town incorporated by glades of wildflowers, butterflies, streams and fascinating chalets. The local ladies’ association has built up an instructional hub for weaving. They’re trying to keep the indigenous floor covering and kilim (carpet) customs alive.

National Park

Hatila Valley National Park, around 170 kilometer-square, is 10km from Artvin. At the transformation of the Çoruh River and the Hatila Stream. Chasms with sheer slopes and vertical drops can be seen all through it. In this national park, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea greeneries flourish together. With a wild fauna of bears, deer, wolves, foxes, and sells. Hives set over wooden stilts are home of the bees that produce the notable nectar.

Kocabey Kislagi

The plateau of Sahara National Park abounds with wonderful mineral and springs. There is Kocabey Kislagi Village where you can see old wooden houses. Residents are very kind and friendly. This place is filled with the colors of nature in their true form.

Artvin – City of Colors

It is no big surprise Artvin has been picked as one of the highest rating vacationer goals on the planet. All of it is because of the rich culture and color-enriched places all over. You should take a tour of this place. It will be one unforgettable experience of your lifetime.