February 21, 2020

Apostolos Andhreas Monastery

Apostolos Andhreas Monastery

Apostolos Andhreas Monastery is a monastery that is located just south of the Apostolos Andhreas village. And is named after the location. This is located on the northeastern edge of the island of Cyprus in Rizokarpaso situated in the Karpass Peninsula. The Kirpasa of Peninsula is a large coastal area which is located near the famous city of Famagusta in Cyprus. This is a long finger liked peninsula of Cyprus and is famously known due to the location of the region. Kirpasa of Peninsula is also known in Turkish by the name of Karpaz.

Kirpasa of Peninsula is also under the De facto control of northern Cyprus. This city is De facto under the control of northern Cyprus along with the city of Trinity. De facto refers to the facts and practices which are applicable and exist in real life. But these practices are not officially recognized by the law and government of this particular state. This practice refers to the acts which occur in real life. In contrast to the acts which should be done under the law and constitution of the particular country and is known and de jury.

Area of the Village:

This region covers most of the area of northern Cyprus which is about 898 km square. This region makes almost up to 27% of the total area of northern Cyprus. Peninsula is basically the region whose borders are majorly covered by water with the least interaction with land but this cannot be categorized as an island. Due to the reason that one of the sides of such reason is connected to the mainland. Just like in the case of Kirpasa of Peninsula.

Lourdes of the Churches:

This monastery is allocated to St Andrew and it much religiously important to the Cypriot Orthodox. This church is also named as the “Lourdes of the churches”. It is different from other churches in the sense that it is not served by the group of monks but during the past. The church is served by the changing volunteers of priests and laymen. However, this church was considered a holy place by both the groups of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. This is due to the reason that this place was visited by the individuals of both these sects.


The downed phone lines which provide shadow to the lane for more than a mile ends with the presence of Apostolos Andhreas Monastery at the end of the line. This building acted like a loadstone for more than a decade for the migrants majorly linked to the Cypriots. The region around Apostolos Andhreas Monastery contains a number of migrants who moved here starting from the time period of Maria Georgiou. This is the story of the pilgrim whose boy was kidnapped during his early ages by the brigands in the year 1895.

It is said that seventeen years later, Maria saw Apostle in his dream and asked him to pray for the return of his boy in the church. Maria told this dream to a passenger who happened to have been crossing Turkish lands on the boat. This story became more intense as Maria explained the early points of the life of that boy. That passenger asked for the signs on the body of the boy, which explained by Maria. To the shock of both these individuals, the passenger removed his robe and had all these signs. This passenger was the son of Maria lost in the past on the hands of brigands. He was raised in Istanbul by the set of Muslims. Once the docking towards Cyprus started, he moved back to Cyprus. As the Individuals around him told him about the linkage of his with the region.

A Miraculous Place:

A number of other miracles also have increased the prestige of the area. These miracles such as the cure of a number of deadly diseases such as epilepsy, blindness, paralysis. Due to the fact of the increase in prestige, this church increased in wealth. Due to the enormous amount of charity being done to it in the form of donations by the individuals living around. The individuals living around the church never missed a chance of having a celebration or having a fun day out. For the purpose of which they started celebrating a weekly festival at the church on the weekend.


This all came to an end in the year 1974 when the Turkish forces moved to the area and captured the pilgrim’s hostels and the church turned back to a ghost of itself with no individual visiting the place. This place was then restricted to be visited by any individual in the local area. However, the building is now open for the visit for the tourists. This building can also be characterized as a zoo, due to a large number of cats found here increasing in number to about more than 50. Besides these cats, there are pigs that were raised by the individuals of the south for sale are moved here. This can be said accidentally or in order to annoy the Muslims visiting the place as the animal is not considered Halal or sacred in their region.

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