June 25, 2019

Anavarza Capital of antiquity


People associate Turkey with its rich history and culture. Its cities reflect this, and one city, Anavarza reflects this the most. This city is approximately 2,100 years old ancient city which was important to many empires, including the Roman Empire. This city is in UNESCO Tentative List of World Heritage.

This place consists of the ROCK CHURCH and Church of Apostles too. These places are considered to be part of the time of Byzantine and Arabian history of the 6th century. There are inscriptions on the tower outside the West Gate. This place gives a remembrance of the Abbasid era.

It gets better,

As it is clear that this place is an amazing landmark, it also holds a unique place in history. It is like a dream come true for most of the people because of the history connected to this place.

Dioscorides – the founder of modern pharmacology from Anavarza

De Materia Medica has a rich culture and history. This city has produced many bright and talented people, especially from ancient times. Dioscorides was a well-respected physician and citizen of Anavarza. His birthplace was in Anavarza in the first century A.D. He was born in the town of CILICIA which neighbors Anavarza. Dioscorides studied medicine at Tarsus, a prestigious city for studying medicine and pharmacology. He published a popular book De Materia Medica. This book forms the foundation of modern Western pharmacology. Many Western European and Western universities taught its concepts and principles for centuries. De Materia Medica‘s content and knowledge is the foundation of formulating medicines. Dioscorides wrote and published the book in Anavarza. It remains a popular treatise for teaching medicine today.

Memed, My hawk

Ince Memed – My hawk is a book associated with contemporary times. The world famous and esteemed author Yasar Kemal penned it. He based the core settings of this book in Anavarza. This book provides a keen insight in the historical background of Anavarza.

Places to see in Anavarza

Besides being the home to some of the world’s brightest, Anavarza has points of interest. One is Dilekkaya which is a small Turkish farming village. You can visit a small museum there for a small fee. Once there, you will be able to view some local relics which describe and depict life in rural Turkey. Dilekkaya also has a farmer’s field which displays some of the most beautiful relics in the world.

Anavarza’s history

As mentioned earlier, Anavarza has a rich history. It was part of a series of Armenian forts which spanned CILICIA. A visit to these forts will take you to the Castle of Sis which lies to the North. You can also see Tumlu and Yilankale castles which are to the South. The fortresses of Amouda and Sarvandikar lie to the East of the main forts.

To Conclude

Anavarza remains a hidden gem to the world because of its obscurity. It was strategic to many of the world’s most important Empires (Roman and Byzantine). It has a rich historical and cultural heritage for this reason. If you ever travel to the Near East, a visit to Anavarza should definitely be on your travel itinerary. You can take a plane to Turkey. Because Anavarza is remote, you will need to take a bus or taxi there.