June 22, 2019

Antalya Let’s Discover All About it

Antalya is the best place with the old cities covered around the forests having air full of oxygen. Also, it is called a paradise for holidays which offers a lot more than your expectations.

History of Antalya

The King of Pergamon found Antalya in 158 – 138 BC. After himself, he named the city as Attaleia. Of course, this place was usually covered with protective and strong walls.

After that, the Seljuks and Byzantines occupied this place in succession before it came under the rule of Ottoman.

Antalya is a festival of beautiful colors. Therefore, it includes fresh green vegetables and changing mountains colors under the blue sea.

Best Resort for Tourists

Of course, there are multiple spots of showbiz, holiday villages and five-star hotel for the tourists.

In Antalya, there are numerous art works present from different cultures. In the charming old quarter of Kaleici, there are ancient wooden houses and winding streets around the walls of the city.

Most of the towers present in the old city include the old tower in Kalekapısı Square. There is also present a Yivli Minaret Mosque exists in the middle of the city. Additionally, it consists of the lined and stylish minaret.

In the Kaleici district, there is a Karatay Madrasah which demonstrates the best stone carvings of Seljuk.

Hotspots on the Coastline of Antalya

Do you know the remarkable mountain scenery of Antalya? It is present to the west of the city, Kemer. It provides the best environment for your holidays. Towards the north, multiple places of tourists are Beldibi, Göynük, and Kızıltepe. While moving towards the south, there is Tekirova as well as Camyuva.

The remains of the Antalya include Termessos. Normally, it is 1050 meters high plateau, present on the Antalya northwest. There is also present an old Lycian city, Limrya. It is around 10 km away from Finike through Turunçova.

Along the same road, there is present a spot called Arykanda. Do you want to know how this place was destroyed multiple times? Through earthquake and fire.

Myra, the old city is famous as Kale or Demre. And, it is present on the west side of Finike around 25 km away. The bishop of Myra was St Nicholas. He was born in Patara. Also, he died at the same place in 345.

So, if you want to go for visiting the island of Kekova in Antalya, it is an almost 60-minute drive from Çayağzı. Usually, the spot constitutes old cities, a lot of bays, Also, it includes an entire group of attractive islands.

In short, by visiting Antalya, you can enjoy every movement. It includes mainly sunbathing after the best experience of skiing. Hence, for more destinations, visit our website.