February 19, 2020

Ancient Lambousa

Welcome to Lambousa:

Moving north from the famous city of Alsancak one will eventually reach the famous building of the twelfth century, the monastery of Akhiropiitos in the ancient Lambousa. Karavas is the name of a small village which is also known as Alsancak in the Turkish language. This village is located in the Kyrenia District in Cyprus. This region had a population of about 6,597 according to the older census. The name of this particular city comes from the word Karavai which means “Ship”.

This name is given to the city due to the adjacent location of this city to the harbor. This famous building can be seen from a long distance. Due to the fact that this building is adjacent to the famous Turkish outpost used during the war of 1974 against the Greek Cypriots. Here the army camp of Turkish forces used the particular building for the purpose of storing the ammunition. As well as using the location for the storage depots.

Made without Hands:

The name of this building can be translated into Greek by the words “Made without Hands”. This name is given to this particular building due to the flawless structure of this building. Made by the individuals of that time with the usage of the least amount of tools for its building. Another famous fact about this building is that this building was teleported from its foundation from a city named as Anatolia. This is due to the fact that the architects didn’t want to use infidels for the building of this church.

Chapel of Ayios Evlalios:

Across this, one can see the sea-facing the building of chapel named the chapel of Ayios Evlalios. This building is also not open to tourists or visitors. Due to the historical importance as well as the religious importance of both these buildings. Both buildings are thought to be made during the time period of the peninsula. Because of the remains of Lambousa Treasure found around these buildings. A number of silver and gold items were found during the excavation process. It was carried out in the year 1905 proving this fact. These artifacts can now be found in a number of museums across the world. Especially the museums of Cyprus in south Nicosia or the Medieval Museum Limassol or the British museum found in London.


The only visiting place found in the city of Lambousa is found on the eastern side of the region. In order to reach this building, one has to start from the Mare Monte hotel and move left from the building into the dirt track until reaching a particular fence of a resort. Moving around this fence toward the shore side of the village, moving forward its only a five minutes’ walk from there to the actual site. The most noticeable site here is the rectangular tanks that are carved on these soft rocks placed there. These rocks vary in their sizes with the largest one of these rocks of the size of the Olympic swimming pool. These are thought to be carved by the fisherman of time for the purpose of keeping their fishes alive and keeping them fresh before selling them to customers.

Restaurants in Lambousa:

For the tourist, one can find a number of restaurants or hotels for spending their time in the region. Most of these restaurants and hotels are located on the northern side of the coast road situated around the central Deniz Kizi Hotel. The most famous of these is the Riverside Holiday Village known to the islanders for its view, which is located on the east side of the town on the southern edge of the main road. This hotel offers its customers with indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, gym as well as water-gardens to spend their best of time here.

Besides the indoor pool, one can find the casino, for the gambling loving individuals and a number of new units, are being installed here lately for the purpose of expanding this building. This hotel has another distinguishable service being provided to the individuals here. These services in the sense that these individuals are offered car-rental services in case these individuals want to travel the vicinity and don’t have the appropriate transport to do so.

Food in Lambousa:

The best eating restaurant in the area can be found halfway between these two cities of Alsancak and Karaoglanoglu. The restaurant is named as “eating out” and is famous for delivering three different courses to the individuals. Mostly the food provided by them is of French origin. Hence is mostly liked by the tourist and most of the islanders don’t have the taste for this particular restaurant. They provide these meals to the individuals in the only 11 per day per head. The head chef had worked in a number of hotels in the Hotel in London, hence have a taste for almost every dish. They also serve the creamiest of the kebab of the region.

This area also has a diving school for the tourists or for the islanders and named as Scuba Cypriot. This school is situated on the coast highway of Alsancak, opposite to the famous Deniz Kizi hotel. The staff can be found helping the individuals throughout the working offers to teach them with diving and swimming techniques.

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Outbound link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acheiropoietos_Monastery


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