June 27, 2019

Amasya Story Trail of Ottoman Legacy

Turkey is often referred as the ‘bridge’ between Europe and Asia connecting the two continents at Bosporus. Because of its eclectic mix of Eropean and Asian cultures,  Turkey has many historic and famous landmarks and places which attract throngs of tourists.  However, it also has much smaller towns which are gems in terms of history, tradition, and culture.  Amasya is one such town.

Interesting Facts About Amasya

Being a town which is steeped in culture, history, and tradition, Amasya has many points of interests. This intrigue those who tour them. They include the Gokmederese Mosque, Ilkhanid hospital, the Burmali Minare Mosque, Torutombay Tomb, Bayezid II Mosque, Hatuniye, and Hazeranil.

Amasya is located in the narrow valley along the banks of Yesilirmak River.  The town is more than 8,500 years old.  Amasya played an important role when the Ottoman Turks controlled most of what is now Turkey. It was an important cultural city which bred and nurtured the most influential scientists, and the most powerful sons of the Sultans at the time. There are many historic buildings with strategic importance.  They are tourist traps today. 

Amazing Places To See

A trip to this magnificent town will allow the tourist to enjoy its beautiful nature. Combined with buildings of amazing architectural art. Most significant one being the Burmali Minare Mosque which was built in the 13th century C.E. by the Seljuk Turks.  The Torumtay Tomb and the Gok Medrese Mosque are 14th century C.E. places of delight and entertainment for tourists.  Then there is the 14th century C.E. Ilkhanid hospital which is world famous for the lovely reliefs which decorate its exterior.  The 15th century C.E. Beyazit II Mosque is also located in Amasya. 

Amasya is also home to the Hatuniye which is a collection of traditional Turkish wooden mansions.  They are also called konaks and are nestled along the northern bank of the Yesilirmak River.  Many tourists are pleasantly surprised to discover that Amasya is a town full of love stories. Especially in relation to its many buildings and landmarks.  A good example of this is in the Hazenlar Konagi which is a lovely mansion currently housing a splendid art gallery on its first floor.

So Why Not…

So now that you know just how interesting Amasya really is, why don’t you plan your next vacation to this quaint town which is steeped in culture, tradition, and history. This is because you will be certain to find surprising and delightful gems of history and culture in Amasya.