January 30, 2020

Alsancak (Karavas)

Alsancak Karavas

Welcome to Alsancak:

Karavas is the name of a small village which is also known as Alsancak in the Turkish language. This village is located in the Kyrenia District in Cyprus. Kyrenia is the city which is situated on the northern coast of Cyprus and is famous for the historical harbor and the castle which is situated in the middle of this particular city. This city is De facto under the control of northern Cyprus along with the city of Trimithi. De facto refers to the facts and practices which are applicable and exists in real life but these practices are not officially recognized by the law and government of this particular state. This practice refers to the acts which occur in real life in contrast to the acts which should be done under the law and constitution of the particular country and is known and de jury.

This region had a population of about 6,597 according to the older census. However, with the passage of time, this population might have increased yet this village cannot be classified as a city due to the smaller size and area covered by this village. The name of this particular city comes from the word Karavai which means “Ship”. This name is given to the city due to the adjacent location of this city to the harbor.

History of Alsancak:

This city also has great historical importance linked with it. In the sense that prior to the invasion of Turkish troops. The village had a total population of about 2,200 individuals living in the vicinity of this village at that time. This village was however captured by these Turkish troops. Which was before the second invasion of Turkish troops to the area on July 20, 1974. This city was attacked by these troops on August 6. On this very day, all the Greek Cypriots living in the village were forced by the Turkish troops to leave this region. And hence made this individual be refugees and live in Cyprus and adjacent areas. Afterward however in the same year, a Turkish Cypiotic municipality was established in the area. Hence the individuals who left the area started moving back to their older houses. And others settled in their new locations.

Tourism in Alsancak:

This area is also known to the outside world due to the beautiful beaches, out of these beaches the most beautiful of these beaches are Pente Mili. This location also has provided the outside world with artifacts known as the Cypiotic Treasure. This treasure is basically a really impressive collection of silver vessels, dishes, spoons and jewelry which was found in the area in the year 1902 and the year 1917 during the excavation procedures carried out in these areas. The treasure can now be found in the British Museum or the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia. Another important thing about the vicinity is a really important person named Pop singer George Michael who was born here in this village. Not only the artifacts found in the area or the individuals of the area but the lemon gardens are also quite famous which mostly are visited by the tourists.

Village of Karaoglanoglu:

Moving along the highway around 5 kilometers ahead of the village of Karaoglanoglu which is the main district of Alsancak. One can approach the lemon gardens which are quite famous due to the freshness of these lemons. The aggregation system being used by the farmers to water these farms are shocking. Despite the lesser technology available to these farmers. They use the older methods in order to provide water to these farms. Also keeping these farms watered throughout the year by the water from the adjacent sea.

Not only lemons are found here, but another major source of income for the individuals living in this area is the olive groves and the carob. These are separated by the lemon gardens by the abandoned houses of these Cypriots. They were forced out of their houses by the Turkish forces out of their houses. Some of them returned while the other remained in their new houses.

Hence as the result of the attack of these Turkish forces mostly the native inhabitants were forced out of the area, so one can say that the area was founded afterward by the individuals moving in the region from the adjacent areas. These inhabitants are mostly from the village of Pafos. These individuals converted the central church of the time into a mosque in order to offer prayers there.


Moving further uphill one will reach the region named Malatya, this region is famous in the site of the outside world due to the famous waterfall. In order to reach this waterfall, one has to move through the village along a narrow paved path. This path continues about 350 meters until one reaches a muddy pathway leading to a bridge. Crossing the bridge reaches a higher ground one can see the beautiful waterfall originating from a rocky opening about ten meters above the ground level. The water here is cozy most of the time due to the direct sunlight reflecting on the running water. This scene is most awesome during the time period of spring with a separate scenic beauty in winters.

Internal link: https://turkish.co.uk/alsancak-karavas-kyrenia/

Outbound link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karavas


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