September 25, 2019

All in the Super Market – Turkish Markets

Turkish Supermarkets

This nation of nearly 80m people is currently in the middle of a retail transformation. Since traditional outlets are losing ground to westernized market models, and grocery sales are rising annually alongside this.
Hence knowing the big players driving this revolution will give you an indication of the businesses you should be dealing with if you want your products to enter Turkey. If you plan to stay for a while in Turkey, one of the important issues you need to know about is supermarkets and grocery stores. While walking down the street in Turkey, you will see so many supermarkets and grocery stores on the way.

Turkish Supermarkets

That being said, Turkey is actually a very price-sensitive market. Also currently, inflation is an important factor in determining retail sales, as prices are fluctuating throughout Turkey. As such, Turks are currently preferring hard discounters and wholesalers when it comes to selecting supermarket chains. As it stands, however, roughly 23% of Turks’ annual incomes is spent on grocery shopping.

Items in Turkish Supermarkets:

Turkish supermarkets are scattered within the UK and provide a wide range of items to please their customers. It is common for these supermarkets to be family-run, therefore making it hard for people to fault the welcoming customer service that is provided. As mentioned, there is a wide range of items available, including a Turkish bakery that functions early in the morning. Commonly there are stone ovens that are used to make a variety of fresh Mediterranean/Black Sea type pieces of bread, including Turkish simit, pide, and other flatbreads.

Food retail in Turkey:

In 2017, Turks collectively spent $152.8bn on shopping. That figure includes all retail sales throughout the country. Of that spending, $83.8bn went towards food & drink shopping. That’s 55% of overall Turkish retail sales. As you can see, food & drink is very big business in Turkey. Turkish supermarkets can have butchers (mainly halal) with yet again a wide selection of meats available. These meats are fresh and butchers prepare them before the supermarket is open. And meats include chops, chicken breast/wings, quail and lamb cubes ready to cook on a barbeque.

Food Markets:

Furthermore, it is common for supermarkets to sell an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts, especially those that are not found in a British supermarket, including freshly produced Turkish goods: large watermelons, persimmons, and çekirdek. As well as Turkish products, supermarkets can have a worldwide range of products, including Chinese, Indian and Polish food items.

Famous Supermarkets of Turkey:

Here are some famous Turkish supermarkets:

  • Kipa Supermarket
  • Migros Türk
  • Oypa Supermarket

Kipa Supermarket:

Kipa is a market chain in Turkey. Migros Türk possessed it since 2017. Tesco recently claimed it. The first organization which went before Tesco Kipa, had started activity in November 1994. It utilized the standard Tesco retailing model, which implied that regardless it ran Tesco markets, including the scope of store sizes from hypermarkets to express outlets. The stores likewise have the epithet “Badamana.”

Some Interesting Facts

In September 2010, Tesco Extra started its activity in Turkey. As of January 2013, it had 513 stores, with designs for proceeded with solid development. In June 2016, Tesco declared it would sell Kipa to contender Migros Türk. The deal finished in February 2017

It is a self-administration shop offering a wide assortment of sustenance, refreshments and family items, composed into segments and retires. It is bigger and has a more extensive determination than prior supermarkets, however, is littler and more constrained in the scope of the product than a hypermarket or huge box showcase.

Migros Türk:

Migros Ticaret A.ş. is probably the greatest chain of grocery stores in Turkey. However together by means of Migros grocery stores, Şok markdown stores, global Ramstore malls, internet shopping, discount stores, and versatile deals units, Migros Turkey serves an expected 160 million clients. As of Nov 2014, the organization works a sum of 1,156 stores: 852 Migros stores, 212 Tansaş stores, and 27 Macro Centers stores in Turkey, 41 Ramstores in Kazakhstan and Macedonia, as per its site.

Growth in Recent Years

News reports in February 2008 demonstrated that BC Partners has consented to purchase Migros Turk in Turkey’s greatest at any point utilized buyout. But the London-based firm will exchange Koc Holding 1.98 billion TL for a 51 percent stake in Migros Turk. Later BC expanded its stake to 98 percent. In 2011, the gathering sold roughly 20% back to open market financial specialists.

Also, BC Partners uncovered in January 2015 that it would sell its 40.25 percent stake in its market bind Migros to the Turkish combination Anadolu Endustri Holding AS for around $2.74 billion. In 2003, Migros opened its first retail location with direct access to tram in Metrocity, a shopping center in the Levent region of Istanbul. There are as of now roughly 7 million clients holding Migros Club Cards.


When a full-administration market joins with a retail chain again known as a hypermarket. Different administrations incorporate those of banks, bistros, childcare focuses/creches, protection (and other monetary administrations), Mobile Phone administrations, photograph handling, video rentals, drug stores or petroleum stations. On the off chance that the diner in a store is considerable enough, the office has many names like “grocerant”, a mix of “staple” and “café”.

Oypa Supermarket:

Oypa is a chain of markets in Turkey. Koç Holding claims the organization for nourishment retailing, which additionally possessed the Migros Türk tie before offering it to Moonlight Capital. It was some time ago claimed by the Ordu Yardımlaşma Kurumu (Oyak), the Armed Forces Pension Fund.

It has passageways for meat, crisp produce, dairy, and prepared products. Rack space is likewise for canned and bundled merchandise and for different non-sustenance things, for example, kitchenware, family unit cleaners, drug store items, and pet supplies. A few grocery stores sell other family unit items that consistently devour, for example, liquor (where allowed), medication, and garments, and some sell a lot more extensive scope of non-sustenance items: DVDs, wearing gear, prepackaged games, and regular things (e.g., Christmas enveloping paper by December).


Overall, these Turkish supermarkets provide excellent service to users of any ethnicity, not only due to its wide range of products but also its great customer service and the homely environment provided. If you are short a penny or two, the management is always happy for you to pay next time.

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