December 15, 2019

Alanya What is it like to live in a beach-side town?

Homes in Alanya | Beach Side Town Lifestyle Homes

Alanya is a wonderful place for all those seeking a beach-side life style, located in one of world’s most attractive country Turkey. There are many homes available in Alanya that you can buy at different ranges and affordable prices. In the past few years, Alanya have been successful in maintaining its reputation as one of the most charming place for beach as well as nature lovers. Due to the clean and fresh beaches and the beauty of Mediterranean hub, the Alanya have become a favorite place among foreigner and local property buyers.

Being situated to the larger Antalya region, Alanya is attracting people for its beach-side lifestyle for tourists as well as foreigners property owners. Alanya is definitely a place that has become popular in recent years while city was also able to win growing admiration of global nationalities.

For those who want a life near sear, Alanya is the best option in Turkey. Moreover, it also facilitates everything including international transport links through Gazipasa and Antalya Airport, local transport links, shops, parks, restaurants, banks and much more.

What is it like to live in a beach-side town?

The blues of seas and oceans are beloved to humans. If people are given a choice, majority people would have choose to spend their lives by the sea over urban living. There is something special about long stretches of golden sand, clean and vast oceans and natural beauty art your door steps. And all these facilities are not for summers but are available year-round solace so you can wake up to fresh breeze coming from seas and walk around deserted beach in the winter.

In these days, when people are stuck in anxieties and depressions, living near beaches can be helping. These places are soothing, relaxing, and can provide calm lapping over the waves and amazing horizon view. You can sit there for hours by just enjoying the breath-taking view of sunset and tide come in and out.

On the other hand, Experts say living by the sea increases your physical, social, and mental well-being and keeps you young.

3 Beachfront Homes in Alanya

1. Apartment in Mahmutlar: Perfect for Budget Buyers

The beautiful Mahmutlar district of Alanya is one of the most popular neighborhoods. It is one of the famous place among property buyers as it provides portfolio of real estate property that has excellent homes within 100m and about twenty minutes’ walk to the beach. Secondly, the price per square meter of homes is very reasonable while making it suitable for your budget. Talking about the rates, you can find a 2-bedroom apartment on the market for just over 35,000 Euros. You can have a beautiful home along the palm trees promenade and the long sandy beaches.

2: Penthouse lifestyle Near Cleopatras Beach

The Cleopatra’s beach in Alanya ranks as 2nd beat beach of Turkey in 2018 ranking. Enriched with stunning beauty, this beach has long stretches of sand and clean water with an awe-inspiring view of the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Apartments in this region are within walking distance to beaches. Also, in this area you can get the 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom penthouse in the market for only 150k. With spectacular views and a terrace for alfresco dining, it the most charming place for property buyers.

3: Villa living in Konakli

What can be more inspiring than waking up to a sea view every morning from your own private villas? These apartments, villas and homes are available in the small resort of Konakli are perfect. The property owners get to have the best of stunning natural beauty and can have a chance for swimming in the Mediterranean Sea on the morning and in the communal swimming pool in the afternoon. Similarly, At the price of only 124k,yu can get these villas and can enjoy the best life near sea-side.

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