February 7, 2020

Alagadi Beach (Turtle Bay)

Alagadi Beach


Alagadi beach is also called the Turtle bay. It is worth visiting the beach out of all the eastern beaches. Having two restaurants and a small villa complex in order to accommodate the visitors there.

If the tourists are not staying in the area it is advised to skip the visit to the Acapulco beach. As the beach is surrounded by the barbed wires installed there by the army personals. Secondly one has to get permission to visit the particular beach from the army personals. Which is quite difficult for a common man. Other than this beach moving a bit of west, one will reach the Lara beach. It is about 3 km away from this. This beach is also well maintained having a single restaurant built there. In order to serve all the individuals visiting there. This restaurant is named as Vakiflar Spor Kulubu restaurant.

This beach is largely composed of rocky formation on the western side. Continuing from their and extending to almost all the coast. However, this rocky formation has the advantage that it provides the individuals with the opportunity to sunbath for some time or to roam around. Moving towards the main road, one will reach another eating restaurant named “Valley view”. This restaurant is best known for the number of dishes being served there. Dishes such as seafood, meze, fruits or even deserts.

Turtle Bay

Passing the beach of Lara, the road becomes more twister and narrower. As the maps imply making it much difficult to walk past these roads. Up ahead is only a power plant designed by Siemens in the year 1993. And provides enough power to adjacent villages to fulfill their Requirments.

Alagadi beach is worth visiting the beach out of all the eastern beaches. Having two restaurants and a small villa complex in order to accommodate the visitors there. This beach is also under the de facto control of northern Cyprus. De facto refers to the facts and practices which are applicable and exists in real life but these practices are not officially recognized by the law and government of this particular state. This practice refers to the acts which occur in real life in contrast to the acts which should be done under the law and constitution of the particular country and is known and de jury. These two restaurants and the villa complex will be the signal that you have reached the turtle beach. One of the restaurants is named as St Kathleen’s restaurant.

This restaurant is named after a nearby ruined church. Again this church was also ruined by the Turkish forces clearly away from the area. This restaurant is famous for the fish it provides to the individuals along with the serving of beer. The fish tasted almost average or below average grilled fish but seem good in the price being served along with the beer. This restaurant is being run by a lady who takes full control of the decision of the menu being served and also greets the upcoming individuals here.

Moving almost 1000 meters from here starts the real Alagadi beach or the beach also known as the Turtle beach. This beach starts with a sharp curve and signboard which signs the start of this beach and written on the signboard is “Alagadi Halk Plaji”. Moving from this sign is a 500-meter long dirt track. This dirt track leads to a sandy bay which extends almost to a kilometer. One major drawback of this beach is that it is not very much developed hence lacking the basic necessity of even the presence of a bathroom on the beach. Hence one needs to use the bathroom before going there, they are planning on spending some time on the beach.

Similarly due to the lack of development and proper maintenance of the area. There is a presence of a huge amount of rubbish present on the beach that basically destroys the whole view there. Most of the rubbish there is present from the Arab settlements or the shipments arriving there which can be concluded on the labels on these products left there.

Despite a huge amount of rubbish that washes up to the shore, still, the swimming environment here is quite enjoyable. This beach is known famously as the turtle beach due to thousands of turtle which lay eggs here during their mating seasons and these turtles when hatches from their shells move to the sea to live the rest of their life. This process is repeated every year due to the favorable condition present on these beaches.

Moving from the turtle beach towards the eastern side of the coast one can reach the site of ancient Alakadi. After crossing this site, one can find yet another beach which can also be reached from the main road, turning towards the seaside right after the sign marking “Halk Plajlari”. The name of this beach translated into English means “Thirteenth Mile”. This name is given to this beach due to the distance of this beach from the city of Kyrenia. This beach is for sure much more beautiful than the beach of Alagadi. Due to the lesser number of garbage present here and better life facilities to the individuals visiting here. Vehicles usually can’t reach the location but once a brave driver did reach here from the forest and made it back to his home on the same track.

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