June 20, 2019

Alacati in Turkey A Cultured Seaside Town

Alacati is famous as a secret gem in Turkey. It is a small town present on the west coast of Turkey. Also, this place is just a hop and a skip away from Izmir.

But, the amazing town is a place that most people have no idea. Usually, most of the people who visit the first time, move from Alacati to Turkey itinerary.

History Of This Place

Alacati consists of an extensive history as the result of its Greek past dating back to the 17th century. The Greek population asked to leave at the start of 1914. And, the residual Orthodox Greeks detached in a population exchange in 1923 with Greece.

This place was usually regarded as a historical town in 2005. The outdated Greek stone house is protected and persist on the cobblestone streets nowadays.

What To Do In Alacati?

There are not a lot of museums, historical sites or landmarks that you can add to your list. In spite of this, the great things to do in Alacati are checking beautiful buildings and wandering through the cobblestone streets. You can take a sip of the cocktails at night while enjoying Turkish coffee during the daytime.

Centre Windsurf is famous as Alacati and wind often link with each other all over history. It is because of the distinct features of Alacati from the other covers in Aegean Coast.

In Turkey, the rising star of tourism is present in Cesme Peninsula. Alacati is one of the famous destinations for tourists. It includes windy air, calm sea, windmills, and historical stone houses. You can also enjoy sunbathing throughout the whole day.

Due to the amazing nature of this place, the Aegean Cuisine is well-known. Plus, its herbs and greens, which become amazing delicacies when made by skillful hands. It is an essential place in the cuisine culture.

You can enjoy under the sky of Alacati. Because it is colorful with multiple best-designed kites during the Kite festival.

Walking all over Alacati make you feel like you are on a Greek island. The small stone houses contain bougainvillea on the walls that you have never seen in your whole life.

There are a lot of beaches that surround Alacati. Also, you may need moving to the famous Ilica Public Beach. Or, head towards the west to see the beaches around Cesme. Visit our Website for more updates.