July 1, 2019

Agri Large Speck In the Cultural History

If you are like most people, thoughts of Turkey probably bring images of women wearing veils and traditional costumes while belly dancing, and whirling dervishes.  While this is all part of Turkey, this is only half of the reality of Turkey.  Turkey is a land which is steeped in tradition, culture, and history.  It has numerous hidden gems in the form of quaint and traditional towns, and historic landmarks and monuments.  This article discusses some places like Agri in Turkey which you don’t hear about but must see!

Why Agri?

No visit to Turkey is complete without a trip to Agri which is a key city in Eastern Turkey because of its unique history and sightseeing opportunities.  While there, you must visit Mount Agri which is Turkey’s highest mountain.  Another must-see place is Balik Golu, better known as the fish lake.  This lake will afford you a great experience in savoring fish, and is a must visit if you are a seafood enthusiast!  You will able to enjoy some of the best seafood and fish in the world in the neighboring restaurants. 

More sights to see in Agri…

The Eleskirt Sky Centre is the place for you if you love to engage in outdoor activities.  You can keep yourself busy with a variety of winter sports.  The Sports Center is 20 km away from Agri.  You can also see Ishak Pasha Palace, Üzengili, and Sariçevus Village while touring Agri.  The once famous Ottoman governor Ishak Pasha built the palace in the years spanning 1685 and 1784.  The palace also serves as a beautiful mosque which combines the best in Ottoman, Persian, and Seljuk Turkish architectural and decorative styles. 

Saricevus Village With Other Facts

Then there is the Saricevus Village which contains a deep crater which was formed when a meteor which was 35 km wide and 60 km deep crashed into this part of the world.  If you are adventurous and love to visit places of conflict, you can go to Gurbulak, a defense post which is on the border between Turkey and Iran.  People who have visited it in Agri, attest that it’s hypnotizingly beautiful appearance bedazzles and impresses them! 

Turkey, though a Muslim nation, is known for its more liberal religious and cultural attitudes.  This is the reason why you can savor a local dessert named “Asure” which is made in the Uzengili village.  Asure in Turkish means Noah’s pudding. People believe that Noah’s wife made it from the last remnants of food in Noah’s famous ark. 

To Conclude

So why don’t you book a flight to Agri Now that you know what you can see when you visit Agri, why don’t you jump on your computer and book a vacation package complete with a to and from a flight ticket to Agri today?  You will not regret your decision!