August 26, 2019

Afyonkarahisar The City of Opium Black Castle

Mardin Republic of Turkey

Afyonkarahisar, capital district of Afyon province, is in the western part of Turkey. Afyonkarahisar literally means opium black castle. The city was renowned for producing large amount of opium and there is a castle on black rock.

The city is a mountainous countryside inland from Aegean coast. It stands out as a capital city for thermal and spa, an important junction of railway, highway and air-traffic in West-Turkey and the grounds where independence had been won. Afyonkarahisar produces an important chunk of Turkish processed marbles, it ranks second on processed marble exports and fourth on travertine. Afyon holds an important share of Turkish marble reserves, with some 12,2% of total Turkish reserves.

History of Afyonkarahisar

The black castle or the top of the rock had remained fortified for a long time. It was in Hittites’ occupation under the name of Hapanuwa. It was then successively ruled by Phrygians, Lydians and Achaemenid Persians until it was conquered by Alexander the Great. Afterwards, the Byzantine Emperor Leo III changed its name to Nicopolis. During Seljuk period, it was renamed as Karahisar (black castle) after the ancient fortress situated on a volcanic rock 201 meters above the town. The much fought over land finally came under the rule of Ottoman Empire.The city thrived during this era as the center of opium production and the city became wealthy.

Famous Food

The area’s famous dishes involve Juicy Meatballs, Ashura, Engagement Cookies, Wire Halva, Afyon Kebab, Poppy Seed Katmer, Poppy Halva, Stuffed Figs, Turkish Delight Cookies, Water Custard, Lentil Bending, Cream Baklava, Pumpkin Dessert, Cookies, Fresh Goce Tarha, Gülvarak, Noodle Baklava Pepper Dessert, Höşmerim, Bite Dessert, Pepper Bending, Bagel, Baklava Baklava, Creamy Bread Kadayif, Walnut Cut Baklava, Meal, Rosehip Custard (Palize), Shepard, Poppy Seed Cake.

Agricultural Products of Afyonkarahisar

The city’s economy is largely based on agriculture. Since a large part of its population lives in countryside, its agricultural activities are enormous. The land’s yield includes Sugar Beet, Wheat, Sunflower, Barley, and Potato. 

Afyon is famous for potato production as it fulfills around 8% of Turkish potato need. In addition, it ranks in the top 5 in potato, sugar-beets, cucumber and barley production. Moreover, Afyon breeds a large amount of livestock, its landscape and demography are suitable for this field. As such it ranks in the top 10 within Turkey in terms of amounts of sheep and cattle it has. Related sectors to livestock such as meat and meat products are also very productive in afyon. Since, its one of the leading provinces in red meat production and has very prestigious brand marks of sausages.

Historical Sites

Its historical places include Hierapolis, Afyon Museum, Apameia Kibotos Ancient City, Ihsaniye Ayazini Town (Metropolis), Victory Museum, Bruzus, Eucarpeia, Lysias, Prymnessus, Cidyessus, Otrus, Ococleia, Sanaus, Afyon Castle, Metropolis, Synnada, Ihsaniye Ulu Mosque, Dokimaia Ancient City (İscehisar). Moreover, the list also continues including the places like Ot Pazarı Mosque, Yeni Mosque, Sandıklı Castle, Avdalas Castle, İscehisar – Kırkinler and Seydiler Castle, Misri Mosque, Bayramaliler Castle, İmaret Mosque, Tea Caravanserai, Şuhut – Bininler Rock, Sandıklı Ulu Mosque , Döğer Caravanserai, Sinan PaşaMosque, Tomb Mosque, Sarıçayır (İscehisar) Rock Tombs, Rustem Paşa Mosque, Eğret Caravanserai, Göynüş Valley Open Air Temple, İshaklı (Sahipata) Caravanserai, İnsuyu Cave, and Kurtini Cave.