September 4, 2019



Adiyaman, a city in the Middle Euphrates filled with cultures, religions and beliefs of Persians, Greeks and Comma gene. Its spellbinding mountainous views, beauteous plains and mesmerizing sights enhances its significance. Take out your pen and mark Adiyaman for an unforgettable and worth spending time.

Famous Cuisine

The glamour of the city gets amplified with its piquant food. Famous dishes include Adiyaman meatballs and Adiyaman (Besni) pan, Bukhara pilaf, Burma dessert, raw meatballs, Kibbeh meatballs. Other scrumptious foods include Roasted hite, Meyir soup, Pirpirim salad, Chilean (Şıllık) dessert, Tennel halva, Tevenk wrap, Lump halva and Yarpuzlu meatballs.

On the other hand Adiyaman, famous agricultural production in Afyon include Pear, Barley, Pistachio, Pepper and What. Moreover other agriculture productions include Mulberry, Fig, Apricot, Lentil, Chickpea, Cotton, Rice, Sugar beet and Turmeric. You will never regret spending your money on such delicious dishes of Adiyaman.

Awe-inspiring Gerger Castle (Euphrates Arsameia)

Adiyaman is a region of stunning natural beauty that complements the reflection of ancient civilizations and buildings of the region. The most beautiful representation of ancient architecture reflects in the old castles. The castle is located since the Hittite period, originally founded in BC II by the Arsames. It lies along the western bank of Euphrates River. The castle has been used as a mosque during the Islamic period.

The Alluring Adiyaman Museum

Along with castles and Mosque Adiyaman Museum is a famous tourists spot. Furthermore, in the Museum archaeological and ethnographical finds from various historic periods are displayed. The museum is open every day except on Mondays. Moreover, there are many other museums and monuments in the area that beautifully represents ancient civilizations.

Magnificent Mosques

Adiyaman held a distinctive importance during the Islamic periods. There are number of mosques in the city which includes Çarşı Mosque, Eskisaray Mosque, Eskisaray Mosque, Eskisaray Mosquea and Yenipınar Mosque. The mosques gives a sensational experience to tourists and thus are must see sight of the region.

Inspiring Adiyaman ( Hisn- i Mansur ) Castle

The castle of Adiyaman is located in the city about 25 meter high stack is build on a mound. By the municipality of Adiyman restoration and landscaping is done. Furthermore the castle is one of its types and holds significant importance in Turkish history. Tourists from around the globe visit Adiyaman castle.

Historical Places

Since, the city holds many famous places, which includes Golden Bridge, Arsameia Ruins (Nymphaeus Arsameia), Beştepeler, Cendere Bridge (Septimius Severus), Derik Sanctuary (Hereoon), Obelisk (Sesönk), Dolmen, Goksu Bridge, Gumuskaya Caves, Haydaran Rock Tombs and Montenegro Tumulus.

Moreover, Adiyaman offers variety of beauteous tourists spots which includes Malpinari (Rock Monument), Nemrut Mountain ruins, Palanli Cave, Perre Ancient City and Rock Tombs, Sofraz Tumulus Tombs, St. St. Peter and St Paul Church, Turuş Rock Tombs, Eskisaray Mosque, Yeni Kale and Zey Caves.