One day we, three close friends of Turkish heritage, were chatting about our lives and experiences in the UK. During the conversation, it just occurred to us that members of the Turkish community in the UK make their own individual circles of friends and social contacts and they do not communicate with others outside their own circles. For instance, although we have spent a total of 80 years between the three of us in different parts of the UK, we had not made any contacts with other people of Turkish origin or other nationalities living outside our respective circles of friends across the country through a convenient website. Realization of this fact inspired us to establish the website, to serve as a means of communication between members of the Turkish community as well as Turkish businesses and social organizations. We thought that this would help people feel that they are part of a large, strong and supportive community, and not mere individuals left to their own means and forgotten about in a place somewhere far away. We thought that the Turkish community in the UK would benefit from having easy access to information on names and addresses of the large number of service providers and businesses within the community that they can contact to meet their personal or business needs.
We are well aware that the pace of life, in general, does not allow people to spend time to dig out information they need. Hence why we created the user friendly and efficient portal, to help you locate the information you need at the click of a button. Initially, you can expect to find the following kinds of information on
• Names and addresses of local businesses.
• Ads from employers seeking employees.
• Links to mainland Turkey and Northern Cyprus for travel and tourism.
• Links to clinics and parlours providing services on health care, cosmetics and beauty complete with blogs from the users of these services.
• Names and addresses of Turkish restaurants and cafes.
• Ads on real-estate to buy/sell or rent property directly from their owners.
Our long-term objective is to expand and enrich the contents of to help the Turkish-speaking community and other nationalities with their information needs for their personal interests as well as businesses and social organizations. This applies to those living not only in the UK but also in Europe and eventually across the entire globe. We believe that with a communal sense of ownership and joint effort we can all benefit from our combined strength and make an effective tool to ease the lives of its users and expand their businesses by serving their information needs fast and effectively.
Ultimately, we aim to create an eco-system where individuals, businesses and social organizations can contact each other with a touch of a button to get the services or goods they need fast and effectively.
We understand this website will take time to develop and cannot be accomplished overnight. We wish for users to be patient and supportive in order to create the perfect portal, this includes effective criticism which will enhance the service we provide.
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