November 25, 2019

9 Things that Turkey is Famous For

9 Things that Turkey is Famous For

You will believe in magic and surreal experiences once you visit Turkey. The magical destinations, the stunning natural beauty, delicious food and ancient buildings will gave you the most wonderful experience of your life. Turkey is world’s 37 largest country, enriched in culture, variety of delicious food and beautiful as well historical buildings, are few of the reasons out of hundreds that will make foreigners visit Turkey many times. We will talk about 9 reasons in this articles that gives Turkey international reputation.

1-Baklava with Off the Scale Sweetness

Baklava is the number one reason that Turkey is famous for. Basically, Baklava is the combination of sugar and layers of honey into pastry and filled with pistachio and other chopped nuts and covered with sweet syrups. You can eat Baklava as a sweet dish, serve on festive, eat it as a snack, or give it as a present.

Baklava lists number one recommended dish of Turkey. Moreover, if you are in Istanbul or nearby, you need to go Karakoy Gulluoglu as it is believed to be the place that makes the best Baklava. Otherwise, you can head towards Gaziantep region which is also known as the kings of baklava.

2-Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is one of the reasons of Turkey’s popularity all over the world. Although many people have a false concept about associating Turkish coffee as nationals drink while in reality Turkish serves and consumes tea more than any other drink. Within the towns, cities and village, you will come across many small tea shops on every other street. Moreover, there are tea gardens in the towns for women. The tea is generally served in Tulip-shaped small glasses.

On the other hand, if you are a coffee addict than a tea lover, than you should try the Turkish version of Coffee. The Turkish version is dark and as Turkish proverb says about coffee “Black as hell, strong as death and sweet as sugar.”

3- Iskender Kebab: The absolute love

Iskender kebabs are named after its founder who invented this dish in 19t century. The dish is basically originated from Turkey’s north-western region and you can have the original version in Bursa. It is made up of freshly cooked juicy lamb that is covered with warm bread. On the outer side, it is covered with layers of hot tomato sauce, fresh melted butter, and a little yogurt. Other than Bursa, it is served all over the country.

4- Get Hooked on Turkish Soap Operas

From tales of broken families to love stories, from plenty of plot twists, emotions and passion and beautiful sets is what Turkish dramas is all about. Turkey has reached to a milestone in drama industry and are second biggest drama exporter after in the world. The dramas have unique stories along with beautiful costumes complementing the stung sets. The production companies have started to export worldwide and the series are winning heart across the globe. The soap operas feature many beautiful and prominent Turkish actor along with unique plots and plot twists. The dramas are often made on the most beautiful destinations of the country and have fans in Gulf States, Europe, China, India and Pakistan.

5- Turkey’s Souvenir Evil-eye

The superstition of evil eye is still believed in many regions of Turkey. As the belief is not merely a superstitious but have some cultural twist as well and that makes it more famous. The Nazar Boncuk is the souvenir for evil eye made by the combination of white and yellow circles surrounded by blue. The souvenir is widely sold and you can see them in the cars, offices, shops, homes and bags of Turks. Although the tradition seems dying in the younger generation.

The Souvenir is generally taken as gift or feigns likes to take them for their homes. It can be found in various means such as key chains, rings, jewelry, bookmarks, towels, scarf, ornaments, show pieces and much more.

6-Istanbul: Turkey’s Most Famous City

Let’s talk about the city of beauty, the city of lights, the city of love; I am talking about no other than the most charming city of Turkey, Istanbul. In the heart of Turkey, lies this beautiful city Istanbul, a city full of magnificent destinations, colors, cultures, traditions, food and lively lifestyle. It’s a city that has been home to many civilizations and different religion beliefs for decades.

Istanbul is not the capital but the most prominent and famous city of Turkey. Enriched with stunning natural beauty, magnificent destinations, landmark buildings and lively lifestyle, Istanbul has international reputation.

7- Turkish Carpets and Rugs

Turkish carpets are a popular souvenir and are famous worldwide. The Turkish carpets sometimes called as Anatolian carpets . Moreover, the oldest Turkish carpets found are said to be originated in originate from the 13th century and can be best found in the city of Konya. Turkish carpets are also manufactured in other cities including Istanbul. Furthermore, the most famous Turkish carpets are Hereke. At the same time, carpets are thicker and are consists of wool, cotton and silk. They are always tied with a Turkish knot, also called Ghiordes knot or Turkbaf.

Each Turkish carpet is made with love and affection and represents the tales of cultural heritage of Turkey.

8- Delicious Turkish Delight

Another popular souvenir is the delicious Turkish delight that is made of sugar and starch and icing powder. The delight is served after tea as its name in Arabic means throat comfort. It is served on festive and also giving as a present. Turkish delight is sold in many flavors, each of them having unique taste and fresh ingredients.

The Turkish delicious delight was first invented in the 18 th  century by a man called Haci Bekir Efendi.

9- Hair Transplants and Dental Work in Turkey

The Turkish pioneer of hair transplants have become a new reason for Turkeys’ international fame. The reason of fame around the globe is its competitive prices and its professionalism.

On the other hand, Turkey have been investing millions in its health and tourism industry lately. The best hospitals of Turkey have excellent professionals that are best experts in their fields all over the world. Unlike other countries, in Turkey, you will find affordable and excellent dental treatment. This is why the foreigners came from Europe to Turkey for dental treatment.

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